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Over the months, Pokemon Go has stepped back into the list of trending video games. Thanks to Niantic, who has again started showing its concern towards Pokemon Go, and since June, the game is receiving ongoing events alongside updates. Following this, October is all set to receive new events, including Special Research tasks and Raid battles. Meanwhile, a Legendary Pokemon known as Giratina possesses Dragon and Ghost-type ability to step into Pokemon Go through a remarkable Raid battle known as Giratina Origin Forme Raid. The following event will be updated on Friday, 9th October 2020, and will wrap up on 23th, October. Thus, gamers have quite a few days to prepare and accomplish this Raid to add Legendary Giratina to their lineup. Below we have provided a proper workaround to catch Giratina through Giratina Origin Forme Raid.

About Giratina

Giratina is a Legendary Ghost/Dragon-type Pokemon, which made its debut in the majestic Pokemon world through the generation 4 video game. Now, Niantic has brought him back with a special Raid battle. The Pokemon is quite potent, and it would be a tough competition for the gamers. However, various Pokemon types against which Giratina will be vulnerable such as Dragon, Dark, Fairy, Ice, and Ghost-type Pokemon. Below we have provided the best alternative Pokemon names that gamers need to use against Giratina in his upcoming Raid battle.

Best Counters for Giratina Origin Forme

  • Zekrom: The gamers must use Outrage, and Dragon Breath moves Zekrom against Giratina in Raid.
  • Salamence: The gamers must use Dragon Meteor, and Dragon Tail moves of Salamence against Giratina in Raid.
  • Rayquaza: The gamers must use Outrage, and Dragon Tail moves Zekrom against Rayquaza in Raid.
  • Palkia: The gamers must use Dragon Meteor, and Dragon Tail moves Palkia against Giratina in Raid.
  • Mega Houndoom: The gamers must use Foul Play and Snarl moves of Mega Houndoom against Giratina in Raid.
  • Mega Charizard X: The gamers must use the Wing attack and Dragon Claw moves of Mega Charizard X against Giratina in Raid.
  • Haxorus: The gamers must use Dragon Claw, and Dragon Tail moves of Haxorus against Giratina in Raid.
  • Garchomp: The gamers must use Outrage, and Dragon Tail moves of Garchomp against Giratina in Raid.
  • Dragonite: The gamers must use Outrage, and Dragon Tail moves of Dragonite against Giratina in Raid.
  • Darkrai: The gamers must use Shadow Ball and Snarl moves of Darkrai against Giratina in Raid.

All these are the best counter Pokemons that gamers need to add in their team to beat Giratina in his Raid battle. There are only three Pokemons allowed to be used by one player in a Raid battle; thus, it would be quite hard for the gamers to choose the best three from all of them. The team gamers need to have partaken in the Giratina Origin Forme raid, Mega Charizard X, Dragonite, and Mega Houndoom.


Raid battles are always proven quite beneficial for the gamers, thanks to plenty of rewards linked with them. In the second week of October 2020, a special Raid battle is about to enter Pokemon Go, known as Giratina Origin Forme Raid. Although it is quite hard for the gamers to take down Giratina in his Raid battle, however, with this article, they can easily accomplish this task because we have provided a workaround in it.

Gamers can play Pokemon Go on their iOS and Android devices.

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