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Mobile has completely changed the world for tourism agencies and travelers across the globe. Travelers used to visit different travel agencies or call them to book a trip. After that, they have to wait for the right budget, date & amenities. The same is for the travel companies they have to call clients for every small detail. Now, travel agencies are moving away from the traditional model of user engagement to meaningful engagement with the use of travel software solutions for booking trips.

Having your own travel app is a perfect means to boost the service your agency offers to customers, but if you are new to launch an app, it is tough to know where to start. There will be multiple questions striking your head like the cost of development, time duration to build an app, and many more. To help you with such questions, we’ve discussed the key factors to consider when creating your first travel app. Read on to know more about the process involved and how to ensure the app stands out from the crowd.

Why Invest in Travel App Development?

Firstly, for travel companies to survive in tough competition, becoming mobile-friendly is important. Mobile has become a necessity that is used at all stages of their journey; when searching, booking travel, or going to the airport. mobile app development, your tourism business has a limited presence in the competitive world.

You can easily send a push notification about new offers, discount coupons, reminders, and the latest travel packages. Once they reach the airport you can remind them of any flight changes, cancellations, and gate changes. When they arrive in their destination information about the hotel package, local vendors, and tourist destinations can be shared.

Here are some other key points that will give you better insights that you need a mobile app.

  • Mobile significantly eliminates the overheads related to serving the traveler in a best optimized manner.
  • An app offers additional revenue opportunities with more bookings and additional sales.
  • Making a move to the mobile platform means agencies can be more competitive and winning new business in particular.

How to Create a Mobile Travel App?

1. Choose App Type

Choose the travel app type like booking, accommodation booking, transport apps, and tourist guides apps.

2. Perform Competitor Research

Identify other travel apps in your niche, their benefits, and disadvantages. This will give you better idea to start with. In addition, consider integrating ready-made travel app APIs.

3. Integrate Best Features

Integrate latest features for your travel app like user account, booking, social sharing, in-app payment, as well as the location-based search & filters.

4. Hire Best App Developers

Make sure to hire the best travel app development company offering best expertise with previous projects. Look for their portfolio and review their work.

5. Plan with Latest Trends

Build the strategy of your travel app seeing the current trends, identify the project scope and milestones, and integrate the best technical solutions.

6. Develop & Test Travel App

Begin the app development process with a development team that will build the design and writes the project code. Next, test the travel app in different environments to ensure it works well 24/7.

7. Launch Travel App

On a daily basis over 1,000 new apps are launched? When you launch your app in the App Store, it will have millions of competitors, so it’s important that you have a proper launch and marketing plan. Your strategy should consider pre, during and post launch tactics to ensure you give your app the best chance of success. This contains testing before go-live and an advance marketing campaign to promote it rigorously on all major platforms.

Wrapping Up:

With travel software solutions, travelers can plan and book their trips without any worries in a more convenient way. Thus, the demand for traveling apps is growing at a rapid pace. If you want to build a traveling app for your business in 2020 you can select a reputed development company. We recommend launching the travel app as MVP and improve it using a regular development method.


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