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Aprons are an integral part of any restaurant uniform, and provides outer protection for the wearer. There are many different types of Aprons, worn by both front of house and back of house staff, and these aprons not only provide protection from hazards but also make the restaurant and your staff look elegant and professional.

What are the different types of aprons available and who should use them?

Chef Apron – The Chef Apron provides an additional layer of protection for the wearer from spills and splashes, and usually covers the wearer from the upper body up to the knees, and is more commonly known as a Bib Apron. If something spills, this apron will take the brunt of the impact, protecting the inner uniform as well as the person.

Server Aprons – These aprons are worn by servers and waiters, and come in different lengths. They come with pockets so that servers can carry essential items such as a notebook and pen, in order to serve their customers more efficiently.

Bistro Aprons – These can be either long or short, but are usually made short, and are one of the more popular styles of aprons. They provide exclusive elegance and a professional style. Bistro Aprons are usually made long to protect the wearer’s trouser and lower body.

Waist Apron – Waist Aprons get their name because they cover only the lower body and are tied around the waist. The apron is made to fit tightly around the waistline without restricting movement. Can be found in varying lengths.

Denim Aprons – Denim Aprons have become very popular in recent times because of the durability and hardiness of the fabric. They are also very stylish since Denim is considered to be an iconic fabric when it comes to fashion.

Canvas Aprons – Canvas Aprons provide greater protection for inner uniforms because they don’t stain, and liquid spills simply roll off the fabric. It is ideal for both kitchen staff and servers.


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