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Proper maintenance is critical to the longevity of your car, and taking your vehicle to an auto repair shop in Amelia, Ohio, will keep your car running smoothly. There are warning signs that signify your vehicle needs repairing. 

  • Check Engine Light 

An illuminated check engine light indicates the car needs inspecting, and a flashing check engine light indicates a problem that requires immediate attention. 

  • Vehicle Noises

Vehicle noises are an early sign that your car needs repairs. Brake squealing signifies your brake pads are worn and need replacing. A metal-on-metal grinding sound indicates a brake rotor issue. Take your vehicle to a brake shop for an inspection. A knocking sound could be caused by an overheated engine, spark plugs, fuel quality, etc. A ticking noise indicates the engine parts are not being adequately lubricated. An auto mechanic should check out vehicle noises to prevent more severe issues. 

  • Vibrations

Vibrations can be caused by worn and unbalanced tires, worn engine mounts, suspension issues, and engine problems. An auto repair shop can diagnose your vehicle to determine the cause of the vibration. A local mechanic can service your car and get you back on the road.

  • Fluid Leaks

Fluid leaks indicate your vehicle needs service. Engine oil, power steering, transmission, coolant, and brake fluids are crucial for your vehicle’s performance. Fluid leaks can lead to braking issues, steering difficulties, or engine failure. It’s essential to identify the leak and have it repaired. A service station in Amelia can locate and correct any leaks. 

  • Vehicle Smoke 

Thick white exhaust smoke usually indicates an overheated engine due to a coolant leak or low coolant levels. Additional causes of exhaust smoke include cylinder head, engine block, or head gasket issues. Driving an overheated engine puts your motor at risk of severe damage.

If smoke comes from your engine and the motor is not overheating, the likely cause is fluid landing on the engine and burning off. If the engine is overheating, the cause of smoke could be due to cylinder head, engine block, or head gasket issues.

Smoke from your vehicle has many causes and is a serious problem that needs immediate attention. Driving the car can cause further damage and lead to severe engine problems.

A reputable auto repair shop in Amelia, Ohio, can diagnose and repair your vehicle.

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