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Several reports are trending about BlueStacks X. Do you know about BlueStacks X? Well, in short words, it is the latest platform, which would enable you to play browser games and mobile games on all platforms. The best thing about BlueStacks X is the fact that it is free. 

Would you like Shadow Fight on a larger device? Well, BlueStacks X indeed allows users to get hands-on experience with smartphone games on different devices. 

If you have ever used Android Emulator to download and install Android applications on a Windows device, you must already be aware of BlueStacks. It was released ten years ago, and it instantly became a hit among the users who wanted to use their mobile applications on larger devices. BlueStacks enabled users to install and launch x86 Android and Arm-based applications on Windows-based tablets and Personal Computers. 

Now, it seems that BlueStacks has upped the ante and is now reaching cloud-based applications. BlueStacks X plans to introduce Android applications to all browsers, and the games will be available to play across different platforms. With BlueStacks X, you will be able to launch Android-based applications and play games on Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Discord, and even Linux, etc. 

If you are interested, there is another piece of great news that BlueStacks X has officially been launched on September the 30th, 2021. It has now become the first platform to introduce free smartphone games and applications on different devices and platforms. To implement this, BlueStacks X has developed its in-house tool called “now.gg brand.” It is hybrid cloud technology, and it is the combination of this tech and servers called Amazon’s AWS Graviton. 

BlueStacks has also achieved the capability of offloading the graphics and parts of the compute to rendered local systems. And, this was possible courtesy of the recent splendid advancements in all sophisticated web browsers. 

The outcome of this is astonishing. The users using any platform or device would now have the capability to run different Android applications and launch multiple games on their browsing platform for no cost. BlueStacks X has been established as a beta service, and only fourteen game applications have been added to the platforms. However, the BlueStacks executives have promised that soon users will see more prominent and multiple titles being added to the library. 

If you want to use BlueStacks X right now, then you will find titles such as Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, Raid: Shadow Legends, and Disney Sorcerer’s Arena there. However, if you face any trouble playing games, you can quickly launch the BlueStacks X local application and enjoy more than 200 Android titles that have not been currently updated to the cloud.

BlueStacks X designed and developed its very own bot (Discord) called Cloudy to execute this on Discord devices. Through Cloudy, the users would launch cloud-based Android titles and brag about their live gaming session status. 

The Chief Executive Officer of BlueStacks named Rosen Sharma has recently interviewed a popular media outlet called The Verge. He explained in the interview that users would also get access to customization. They would be able to configure what game they would like to be displayed on their server.

And, if you wish to enjoy those games as competition with multiple users, then you would experience that you will be by default connected to a Discord voice platform where all the users would have the option to press the button and get on with the playing groove right away. 

Furthermore, while playing, you will also notice a social feed. You might have seen a social feed in different games. It is also available in other games hosted by PlayStation and Xbox. A social feed is used to display the gaming achievement of different users, so if your friend buys an attractive gun in Raid: Shadow Legends, it would show up in the social feed. 

Rosen Sharma used the analogy of Venmo and PayPal while explaining this to the Verge interviewer. He said that the methodology is similar to what Venmo tried out with PayPal. PayPal was only allowing transactions, and then Venmo converted it into a social feed. 

The most attractive facet of all of this is that the games would be available at no cost, and BlueStacks X would make revenues through advertisements. However, Rosen Sharma explained that advertisements would only appear during the start of the game and not during the gameplay without interrupting the user’s engagement.

Furthermore, Rosen Sharma also hinted that in the future, users might also enjoy a subscription-based version of these cloud-based games to avoid interruption of the advertisements. 

Since 2016, the programmers of BlueStacks are focusing all of their attention towards providing Android games after their internal survey revealed that most of the BlueStacks users are utilizing the Android Emulator platform to enjoy Android-based games. 

When the BlueStacks was started, as Sharma explained in the interview, everyone was confused about using such an emulator. In 2016, everything became crystal clear that users care about games, and they like to have access to games from different platforms. Sharma admitted to The Verge that games have already become the most prominent use case for BlueStacks users in general.

BlueStacks should be thankful for specific compatible Arm-based servers to make BlueStacks X an accessible platform. There was no infrastructure for Arm-based smartphone games, and, astonishingly, technology has jumped quite a few steps in just a decade.


Different tech brands segregate users and limit them to only their applications and games. However, BlueStacks have developed an emulator called BlueStacks X, which would enable users to run the game from x86 Android and Arm devices. 

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