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Everything You Need To Know About Canned Fish: Myths & Types

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Over the years, canned fish has become a delicacy. People love eating canned fish ready to cook just after opening the can. And with more and more choices appearing in the market, people have the opportunity to explore more. 

When you are thinking about buying canned fish, you must be confused about which one to pick as there are so many options to choose from! You can choose from canned tuna sardine fish, whichever you like, and it is available in the stores. 

Restaurant owners can benefit significantly from having a range of canned fish at their restaurants. If you are thinking about buying canned fish, then you should read this blog to learn everything you should know about canned fish. 

Types of Canned Fish 

1. Salmon

When you are looking for a fish that is as nutritious and delicious, then buying canned sardine can be an excellent choice for you. You can find nutrients like astaxanthin and antioxidants that are good for your health. Canned salmon usually consists of pink salmon that is mild in flavor and light in color, or sockeye salmon, which is rich in color and taste and has a firm texture. 

2. Tuna

One of the most common seafood is canned tuna, which everyone loves. You are making a sustainable choice by choosing canned tuna as it is produced in environmentally conscious ways. While purchasing canned tuna, you should always consider the mercury levels in different types of tuna to limit your serving. 

3. Shellfish

When it comes to shellfish, you can find canned shellfish like mussels, oysters, clams, and much more. Three types of shellfish are canned or jarred, which are pretty popular among the population that are mollusks and crustaceans. Shellfish have fewer ethical and health concerns as compared to fish. 

4. Anchovies

Anchovies are generally canned in oil and salt and caught off the Mediterranean, Northern Africa, and Western Europe coasts. Many people like anchovies in their caesar salad dressing and on their pizza as it gives you a little punch in anything you put. 

5. Sardines

If you want smoked, deep-fried, or steamed canned fish, canned sardine fish from Canadais a perfect choice. Sardine fish is canned in olive oil, and it is a sustainable choice as it is ethically sourced from the fishers. Some people compare anchovies with sardines as they both have similar appearance and flavor, but sardines are larger and have less intense flavor. You can find the Best Canned Sardine fish online from Canada. 

Common Myths about Canned Fish You Need to Debunk 

1. Low Nutrition Value 

One of the myths which are pretty famous among people is that canned fish has low nutritional value. Canned fish canned in spring water has no extra ingredients like added sugar and salt. Canned tuna is higher in DHA, which is essential for the healthy functioning of the brain, heart, arteries, and eyes. 

2. Not Fresh Enough 

Canned fish is as fresh as newly caught from the sea. The processing methods of canned fish can avoid food contamination and keep it fresh for extended periods. People with compromised immune systems or pregnant women should go for the canned fish option rather than the fresh one as it offers less risk of listeria. Some people think Canned Fish for Sale in Canada is not fresh enough, which is wrong. 

3. Added preservatives and Additives 

Canned fish doesn't have added preservatives and additives that can harm your body. It is a common myth that canned fish has added artificial flavors and preservatives that you need to change your mind about as it is highly incorrect. 

4. Include Harmful Toxins

Some people fear that they can get sick from undercooked canned seafood, which is a common myth. People are always dicey about seafood. Many people are afraid to purchase canned fish as they are unsure about the correct cooking methods and getting themselves sick. 

The Bottom Line 

Canned fish can be tricky to purchase if you are just a newbie, but having the correct information and knowing everything you need can make purchasing easier for you. If you have been confused about what types of canned fish you need to pick for yourself, this blog might have helped you make your suitable purchase. If you have been coming across the myths about canned fish, it is time to debunk and move past them! 


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