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It can be painful for the car owner to see the broken pieces of car glass windows. The glass can break or crack due to accidents, vandalism, or extreme weather. If your car window gets broken, you must get it repaired or replaced as early as possible. One of the pertinent questions that bother people is finding the right company for repairs, followed by cost concern.

You need not worry about the charges of repairs/replacement as most companies will offer a quotation with the help of a car window repair cost estimator. The repair depends on various factors, and the quote will be given accordingly. 

Car window repair v/s replacement

In case of a small chip or crack in the window, you can get it repaired without worrying as it doesn’t need a full replacement. The chipped window might not appear as critical as a broken window; you might receive a ticket in some states if the window obstructs the view. The longer you wait, the risk of having the chipping shatter the glass increases, and so does the risk of injury. 

Where to get the car window replaced?

There are companies that specialize in car window repairs and replacements. All you need to do is explore the services near you. You can find references online, or you can ask for references from friends and colleagues. It would be great if you could find a service provider in the near vicinity. Look for a provider who can come to your location so that you don’t need to drive with a broken window. 

How long does repair/ replacement take?

The procedure doesn’t take long as you can get both repairs and replacement done within an hour. However, the time will depend on which window was broken and the extent of the damage. Unlike the windshield repair, the car window makes use of hardware and not adhesive for staying in place. This means the amount of time taken is lesser as you don’t need to wait for the adhesive to cure. 

Which one is better among OEM and Aftermarket repair?

The OEM window replacement comes from the manufacturer of the car, while the aftermarket replacement is not sourced from the manufacturer. You should opt for an OEM glass window as it will come with better quality and a warranty. However, the choice can be made depending on your budget. 

How much does the car window replacement cost?

If you need complete windshield replacement, the cost will depend on several factors. It includes the type of vehicle and whom you choose for the service. On average, you might end up paying $100 to $400 for replacing the side or rear window. It can be even more expensive in the case of exotic or classic vehicles. In fact, small and triangular windows can also be difficult to install due to the difficulty of installation. 

On the other hand, the repair cost is much less if you repair a minor chip or crack. If the insurance is covering the cost, you might end up paying only the deductible. It is recommended to call around and get quotations before going ahead with a service provider. 

If you need to get your car glass window done, the car window repair cost estimator will help you with the quotation. All you need to do is fill in the details in the online form on the service provider’s webpage. They will get back to you with the correct estimate. Get the estimate from 2-3 service providers so that you can choose the best price for car glass repairs. 


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