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Cumaru, commonly known as Brazilian Teak, is a popular hardwood found primarily in Northern South America, including Brazil. The wood is famous for being naturally durable and extremely hard and dense. It is rated as very durable and has excellent weathering properties. These are just some of the reasons why Cumaru is a favourite for various types of woodworking projects and applications, including decking. If you are looking to know more about Cumaru wood or simply looking for the best place to buy top quality Cumaru timber for decking, continue reading.

About Cumaru Wood

Cumaru is a tropical hardwood that is known to be extremely hard and durable. The wood colour ranges from medium to dark brown, sometimes with a reddish hue and/or yellowish-brown streaks. The freshly sawn timber may be oily to touch. Because of its outstanding durability and other characteristics, Cumaru is preferred for decking. Decks built with Cumaru hardwood are exceptionally durable and will easily last decades. Even without treatment, Cumaru decking will fare well in most weathering conditions. The wood is also resistant to most insect attacks, rot, decay, wood borers and termites.

The grain in Cumaru wood is interlocked and it has a medium texture. Because of its high density and interlocked grain, Cumaru can be difficult to work with. The presence of silica might cause a little blunting effect on cutters. Because the wood has an oily feel, it can be difficult to glue. Also, pre-boring is required for nailing or screwing.

As for the price, imported Cumaru is generally inexpensive and widely available. This is a wonderful choice for people looking for durable, dense timber at a low cost.

Some of the advantages of Cumaru wood decking include attractive looks, high durability, resistance to rot, moisture and insect attacks, low price, high stability and easy maintenance. Cumaru shares many properties with Ipe, but is comparatively cheaper, which is why it is preferred by many homeowners and woodworkers.

Cumaru Wood Uses

Cumaru is suitable for a variety of projects, especially exterior wood applications because of its high strength and durability. Common uses of Cumaru wood include flooring, furniture, docks, decking, turned objects, cabinetry, heavy construction railroad ties, bearings, and handles.

When used for decking, some things must be kept in mind. For one, any holes must be pre-drilled in order to avoid splitting. It is recommended to use stainless steel nails/screws to avoid blue staining. Also when laying the deck, it is advised to leave gap between the boards. Unlike other decking timber, Cumaru doesn’t need pre-treatment. If laid properly, it could easily last 3-4 decades with minimal care. To avoid discolouring of wood because of direct sunlight, Cumaru is often treated with a UV protector.

How to Select & Buy The Best Cumaru Timber

When selecting Cumaru timber, one needs to consider a number of things. The wood colour and pattern are certainly important factors to think about. Then, one must also consider knots present in tropical woods such as Cumaru. The higher quality wood will have a lesser number of knots. The best woods are kiln-dried and have little moisture content.

Because Cumaru is very dense and has an interlocked grain, it can be difficult to work with. Therefore, buying ready to use Cumaru timber can save you great time and effort.

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