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Everything you need to Know About Designing With White Kitchen Cabinets

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Although kitchen cabinetries come in different color schemes or shades, the color white is arguably the most used shade in terms of cabinetry color, thanks to its neutral aspects. If you want to brighten up your cooking space while adorning it with a clean and luxurious outlook, then you need to consider installing white kitchen cabinets.

Do you know that with white-shaded drawers, you can easily incorporate brighter colors for the kitchen design of your choice? Whether you want traditional, farmhouse, modern or transitional kitchen designs, there are many reasons why you need to take advantage of white cabinets.

In this article, we will uncover everything about white kitchen cabinets; why they are so popular, the types of kitchens that they can align with, as well as their pros and cons. Read on to find out why you should consider installing white kitchen cabinets.

The Popularity of White Kitchen Cabinetry

White-painted cupboards have conquered the interior of many homes for decades due to the timeless properties of the white shade. Because white is neutral, it can be blended with bold or brighter hues to create a striking color contrast in the interior of any home.

Since many homeowners have a preference for brighter kitchens, white cabinetries come out as their ideal options. Reason? Well, with the whitish shade on the cupboards, the interior of a kitchen is bound to look brighter and more lively because white can reflect light from artificial or natural sources.

Below are other reasons for the popularity of white kitchen cabinets.

Beauty and Simplicity

Besides making a cooking space brighter or livelier, white cabinets can instil beauty in any kitchen design. The clean appearance of shades of white has proved to be perfect for infusing an airy ambience in any type of interior.

Whether it’s one of the purest shades of white or the vast off-white varieties painted on the cabinetry, white-painted cupboards can make any type of kitchen look beautiful.


Apart from their beauty, white cupboards are versatile in terms of their countless designs and color schemes. You can go for white shaker cabinets if you prefer classic kitchen designs or go for cabinets with the high-gloss white pigment for an ultra-modern kitchen outlook.

With white kitchen cabinets, you can come up with countless kitchen designs because their white shade can let you incorporate different colors for any outlook. For example, you can easily add bolder shades on the backsplashes, countertops, or the floor to enhance contrast and beauty.

Ø  Functionality

That the color white can reflect light means that white kitchen cabinets are functional in terms of making a cooking area bright and lively. With white-painted drawers, you do not have to spend extra cash on artificial lighting systems to enhance the outlook of your kitchen.

Moreover, the clean properties of white can make a kitchen area look tidy and full of warmth, especially when white drawers are paired with brighter surfaces like gold or stainless steel appliances and kitchenware.

What Types of Kitchens can White Cabinets Fit in?

The versatility of white kitchen drawers makes them compatible with almost all types of kitchens. Below are the kitchen designs that work perfectly well with white kitchen cabinets.

Classic Kitchen Designs

White-painted drawers paired with dark wood tones and rustic implements can give a cooking space an interesting vintage outlook. To achieve a truly timeless classic appeal, you should choose white shaker kitchen cabinets. Their simplicity, marked by fewer decorations and clean lines is perfect for a true classic appearance.

Modern Kitchen Designs

High-gloss white has a clean and luxurious look that comes with a touch of modernity. If you pair it with glistening surfaces-like golden, brass, or stainless steel appliances, and fixtures-high-gloss white can give you the modern kitchen outlook of your dreams.

Because modern kitchens are known to be spacious, they arguably call for white cabinets; because the color white can reflect more light to make a cooking area brighter and thus, look spacious.

Transitional Kitchen Designs

Vintage white cabinets adorned with modern implements like glass doors or metallic fixtures are a signature feature of transitional kitchen designs. You can install cabinetries with a soft matte white finish and make the floors, countertops, and backsplashes shiny for a unique transitional kitchen outlook.

Pros and Cons of White Kitchen Cabinets

Now that you have uncovered the reasons why white-painted drawers are so popular and the types of kitchens that they align with, you need to know their positives and negatives. Knowing the ups and downs of cabinetry is beneficial in terms of discovering how best you can use them for your dream kitchen outlook.



The simple properties of the color white mark the features that make it popular in kitchen interior design. With white kitchen cabinets, you have uncountable options in terms of color mixing.

 Ease of Use and Maintenance

White kitchen cabinets are easy to clean and maintain. In terms of refurbishment, it is easier to repaint white cupboards since stressing and using the color white is stress-free compared to other colors.

White Cabinets Reflect Light

As already noted, the color white is good at reflecting light. Hence, a kitchen adorned with whitish cupboards is more likely to look brighter and more spacious. You should go for white-painted drawers if you prefer an airy kitchen.


Too Much White Doesn’t Look Good

The Luxurious fresh appeal of white cupboards can only come out when you incorporate colors inside your kitchen. Unless you want your cooking space to feel and seem cold like a hospital, you must pair white drawers with materials with bolder shades to enhance contrast.

Where to Find White Kitchen Cabinetries

You can find white cabinetries on accredited e-commerce platforms, retail stores, or furniture stores near you. You should consider the following when making purchases.

Material Quality

Cabinetry Price and design features

Your kitchen space and design option

Final Thoughts

White kitchen cabinets are worth it in terms of enhancing the outlook of any cooking space. Apart from their versatility, you can mix them with materials and implements of different colors to get the outlook of your choice. Enjoyed this article? Follow us for more tips and inspirations in kitchen interior décor



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