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Cannabis seeds are ready for planting and growing whenever they successfully germinate or the root has burst through the seed's protective shell. Three types of fire OG seeds are normal, feminized, and auto-flowering. Cannabis producers at home frequently select feminized seeds to guarantee that the mature plant will be a female flowering variety.

More About Marijuana Seeds

Like all angiosperms or blooming plants, cannabis also produces seeds with all the genetic material required for development and reproduction. The translation of this genetic material into the physical traits that the mature plant will exhibit is determined when a seed is sown. Suppose potency, aroma, vigor, etc., are desired. In that case, a breeder can choose to breed for them through a protracted process of genetic stabilization over many generations, eventually establishing a cultivar or strain.

Seedless Marijuana

Cannabis grown for commercial purposes now lacks seeds. Cultivation techniques that have made this popular have roots in basic biological ideas. Cannabis is a dioecious plant, which means that, like people, it has distinct male and female organisms. When a female plant reaches maturity in the presence of a male plant, pollen from the male fertilizes the female, and at the end of the flowering cycle, the female's bracts will contain seeds. Cannabis without seeds is now commonplace, even when it comes from mass-produced outdoor cultivation. However, this was only sometimes the case.

In the middle of the 20th century, gardeners learned that removing male plants as soon as they exhibit sex-specific characteristics would produce an entire crop of unfertilized females, producing cannabis flowers higher in THC that don't require the removal of seeds before smoking. Since then, this cannabis plant has been known as sinsemilla, Spanish for “without seed.” Sensimilla is another popular name for it.

How Marijuana Seeds Are Produced

Commercial cannabis flower farmers prefer seedless plants, but some growers eagerly offer seeds to the burgeoning home production sector. Male plant pollen grains are the first to be used to create cannabis seeds. This grain develops into a pollen tube, which releases male generative cells as pollen. When pollen enters a female plant's ovule, the pistils fall off, and seed germination starts. The ovule-containing bracts will then burst open to release the seeds. Producing cannabis seeds involves letting nature run its course because seeded plants are a normal result of pollen-fertilizing eggs.

How To Store Marijuana Seeds

Although commercially available seeds in Dutch headshops are offered in small, plastic vials at room temperature and low humidity (6–12%), seed suppliers occasionally vacuum-seal and freeze seeds for long-term storage.

Light and humidity are the primary enemies of seed storage. Beyond that, even under the most haphazard storage settings, seeds can survive up to two years. It has been observed that marijuana seeds discovered on the floor or at the bottom of a drawer can develop into thriving young plants.


Fire OG seeds are hardy plants that can grow and even flourish in various environments. However, several actions can be taken to guarantee germination. In one technique, a wet paper towel is placed inside a plastic bag. Before the seedling's first root firmly establishes itself on the paper towel, it must be carefully moved to some soil once the first root appears.


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