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Is it happen to you, you say

“I have an invention—what do I do with it?”

There is no invention with a motive, and an invention should be patented. (This is something that every socially aware person knows) but, everyone doesn't know that you can’t patent an idea.

For an idea to get a patent, it should contain enough details and particularities to turn it into an invention. Your invention must be able to explain the specifics, like how it will help others and how you will perform it.


Next, you’ll have to seek assistance from a patent service-providing company that will help you create a prototype of your invention and will help you fill out and get patents for your invention idea or product.

As I said, a socially aware person knows that getting a patent is important; however, knowing how to get a patent is also a crucial part.

Getting a patent can be daunting if you have to do it on your own. The entire patent drafting, patent registration, and patent filing process involve crucial decision-making skills and legal expertise. This is not a claim; it is the truth.

So, what to do?

You should take the help of a patent service-providing company. This is where enter Own My Invention,  it is an online patent services provider that follows US regulations.

This blog contains everything you need to know about Own My Invention.

Let’s have a look!

About Own My Invention

As an inventor, you surely want to protect your exclusive invention idea to make it inimitable. Own my invention is an IPS (Intellectual Property Service) company, it is a patent services USA and is endowed with knowledge to guide you through the entire invention and patenting process from the very beginning till the end.

The patent service USA achieves all this by following a four-step process viz-


They offer a free consultation to help you get your patent. Basically, they will help you identify and create innovations.

If you are just getting started with your R&D project and aren't sure where to start, you can use their consulting service. It is a widely used practice utilized by individuals and corporates to recognize and understand the starting point of an R&D project. This way, you can develop innovations faster. 


Research is one prime aspect of getting a patent. To obtain a patent, you must conduct extensive research on your invention idea to ensure that you are the first to request a patent for that particular invention.

Such research, however, necessitates a wide range of abilities. Own My Invention provides high-quality, broad, strategic, and valuable research for the patent protection of your inventions.


Own My Invention assists clients with technology assertion and safeguards their clients from technology assertion. One of the prominent services is to assist and advise clients on IP risks prior to their product launch. Our attorneys are experienced in offering protection from IP risks and IP infringement.

It is a form of preemptive action to avoid any kind of legal conflict among a specific group of individuals, which will lead to a hassle-free launch of your product or service.


We assess the market value of a specific patent, which can be useful in your product or company valuation when you launch it in the market. These valuations are performed as per industry parameters. Through our network, we assist our clients in commercializing and licensing their proprietary technologies around the world.

Services offered by Own My Invention

Usually, people think that searching for a patent involves mainly googling about it, but this process entails much more. You can conduct a patent search on your own. However, there are numerous advantages to using a professional patent search service, one of which is obtaining a legal opinion.

The services offered by Own My Invention are :
1. Patent Searching

  1. Patent Filing
  2. App Development
  3. Project Management
  4. Visual Presentation & Modeling

Hire a Patent Consultant From Own My Invention

Patent services USA help make patenting an idea simple. Understand it this way: You don't hunt down jobs on your own; you look for them on job aggregation websites. Many of these things require the assistance of a professional, such as filing patent.

Take help from professionals who do professional work.

Own My Invention is the patent company that will assign a dedicated consultant who you can contact whenever you have a question. They will oversee your project from start to finish.

The American legal code is complex, so professional assistance is a must.

Contact us today or visit ownmyinvention.com to get started.



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