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Everything you need to know about Pallet collar

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Pallet collars have gained a lot of popularity worldwide in the last 20 years, due to the immense benefits it offers. More than 20,000,000 new collars are being manufactured every year in the entire world.

If you are from the logistics and packaging industry, and the term – pallet collar has been intriguing you, then here is everything you need to know about pallet collars.

What is a pallet collar?

A palettenaufsatzrahmen is one of the forms of wooden packaging, that works to make the wooden pallet and custom pallets safer and more efficient.

It differs from a normal wooden box as it has the ability to collapse. So, by collapsing the pallet collar when it is not in use, you can save a lot of space in the warehouse and transport vehicle. This is why the pallet collars have helped a lot in the logistical challenges.

The pallet collars can be easily stacked on one another to create a shape like a box. It offers a convenient design with many vital benefits, that create a high value in the storage as well as the shipment industry.

Purpose of the pallet collars

This product provides an improved transportation opportunity for different types of items. The pallet collars were introduced with the intention to increase the use of classic wooden pallets.


A single pallet collar has four or six wooden boards. They can be plastic boards too. the pallet corner also has four or six metallic hinges which bind the boards together. These hinges make the pallet collar collapsible and allow the managers to save critical space.


  • Pallet collars help in transporting heavy goods and machinery. It is imperative to use high-quality pallet collars in the right manner so that the space can be optimized in warehouses and when they are in shipment.
  • It ensures fast and easy handling as well as assembling of the Gitterbox. You can easily access the stored goods.
  • When pallet collars are not in use, it is possible to collapse them conveniently. Unlike wooden boxes, these save space by more than 80%.
  • Many different types of products can be stored in pallets without using pallet collars. But if you want the goods to be safe, then using the pallet collars is mandatory.
  • If you are using pallet collars, then it is possible for you to store more types of products on the pallets than in classic wooden boxes. Even friable products can be stored in a customised pallet.
  • The pallet collars can be made in different heights and sizes, to match the requirement of the user. You can adjust the capacity for every individual packaging requirement.


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