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Doorbells have undoubtedly come a long way. What was once just a mechanical contraption has gone fully electric, and even smart nowadays. Yes, smart doorbells are real, and they go beyond just visitor notification, providing homeowners with many benefits in regards to safety, security, and style.

Let’s understand what this new kind of electric door bell is, and how it functions.


What is a Smart Electric Door Bell?

Simply put, a smart doorbell is an internet-connected replacement for traditional doorbells. It provides many functionalities on top of being a conventional door bell. For instance, it can alert you about a visitor via smartphone notification, and can even be integrated into your home automation system. You can even view the live visitor footage on your smartphone with a smart doorbell.

Let’s discuss the many other benefits smart doorbells offer.

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Door-Answering Features

Smart doorbells, in many ways, work in the same way as security cameras. The only difference is that they have a button that visitors can push to alert you. Also, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone, regardless of whether you’re in or out.

Many bells also come with two-way audio, allowing you many options on how to receive any visitor. You can either decline to answer the door, leave the door shut and communicate via the two-way audio, or you can even play a pre-recorded message if you’re out of the house to inform them of your absence. A smart ding dong door bell provides many options to the users.

Security Camera Features

As mentioned earlier, smart door bells are basically security cameras with several door answering features. Some smart electric door bell cameras also come with face recognition features. In fact, these cameras can even recognize the purpose of a visit, for instance, deliveries, along with other night vision capabilities.

You can even store the video footage on the cloud or on a drive to view for later. This also provides evidence for the authorities if a crime is committed. However, with such an end-to-end system, any wrongdoers will be discouraged from committing any wrongdoings in your house.

How do You Install Smart Electric Bell?

The most important thing to consider while installing an electric door bell is how you’ll power it. You can either do it by low voltage wiring, batteries, or outlet plug-in. And it’s important to know your installation options, as not all homes have outlets or wire connections near their door.

That’s why, it’s best to choose a bell that uses a battery to power it up, as it makes for the easiest installation since there is no wiring to worry about or outlets. However, battery-powered smart bells will be of a bigger form factor, as the mechanism will need space to accommodate the cells.


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