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Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Cricut Venture

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Cricut is a company that manufactures popular cutting machines used for crafting projects. The company recently released a new model. The new model is the Cricut Venture, which can cut various materials with high precision at high speeds. It will create new opportunities for crafters looking for ways to expand their making abilities. The new machine is presented in large-format cutting and is optimized for various tasks. The device is now the fastest of all the Cricut machines, enabling users to do more in less time. This blog will look more into the machine, its features, pros and cons.

What is New in the Cricut Venture?

The obvious thing you will notice about this machine is that it is much larger than the Cricut or large cutter. Also, as it is pretty big, it will take up quite a bit of space, so you need to have enough space to use it. Additionally, the machine weighs up to 35 pounds with dimensions of 8.81×34.84×10.4 inches. Now, let us look at each of the features one by one.

Space-Saving Design

Even though the Cricut Venture is huge and bulky, the machine’s innovative design helps save space. It is because the machine comes tilted with an angle of 45 degrees, so there is no need to dedicate a complete room for the machine. It makes the machine pack into a huge work area and takes less space than you think.

Further, you can use materials 13 inches or 25 inches wide, with or without a mat. If you set this machine parallel to your work surface, you need at least 3 feet of clear space at the front and behind the machine. However, since the mat feeds the materials at a 45-degree angle, the machine can sit at the edge of the table or slab.

Enhanced Loading For Material

The new Cricut Venture has a lever that secures the project on an angle. Also, The machine measures the materials with its new and improved sensors. Further, the mat guides help with different project widths. The new vacuum mat stop system keeps everything moving smoothly, even using 75-inch vinyl material.

Additionally, the Venture machine is wider compared to previous models, and it is because of the larger material options. So due to that, you need to ensure enough room at the sides of the machine.

Docking Station

This machine’s Docking station perfectly fits and has a docking feature so that the Cricut Venture will stay safe and secure. Also, the docking station comes with easy glide wheels that lock storage hooks for your mats.

Further, one of the best parts of the docking system is the static dissipative catch baskets. These baskets are at the front and back of the docking system and help hold vinyl off the floor.

Fastest Ever

The Venture machine is, at present, the fastest Cricut machine ever. The machine is the best machine for small business crafters to create projects in less time. With its cut, draw, score, and foil functions, you will complete the projects in record time. The Cricut Venture can also undertake huge Print and Cut designs perfectly.

Further, the machine can cut up to 100+ different materials, and it cuts material at a speed of about 25 inches per second! The machine can cut up to 75 repeated single images or a single image up to 12 feet. So, it is safe to say that you can work on large projects.

Cuts Off Tools

With the new Cricut Venture machine, you can use manual or auto-cut-off tools to grab your finished projects without ever unloading your material. Further, the manual tool is included in the box, and you must purchase the auto cut-off tool separately.

What are the Pros and Cons of Cricut Venture?

After looking at the Venture machine’s main features, let us look at its pros and cons.


  • It fits in places where other Cricut machines won’t fit easily.
  • The new machine is almost twice as fast as any other cutting machine.
  • This machine can cut 24 inches wide using Smart Materials.
  • Also, you can cut a huge cardstock of up to 23.75 x 11.75 inches.
  • It can cut up to 12 feet and cut 75 ft long material with repeated cuts.
  • The machine is versatile as it can cut 100+ different materials. 
  • Cricut Venture provides the best quality of cuts, and its designs make it a solid cutting machine.
  • Another attractive feature is its Docking stand. The stand secures the machine.


  • The fastest Cricut machine is also the most expensive machine. So, it may not be affordable for everyone.
  • If you want to cut vinyl on a roll, you only need to use 25-inch Smart Material. So, that means you can’t use any 24-inch vinyl. 
  • Further, you can only cut from the Cricut Design Space from computers. And you cannot cut through mobile apps.


Overall, the Cricut Venture, the new model of the Cricut, is a perfect fit for all crafting purposes. If you want to improve your productivity and undertake bigger projects, this machine should be your choice. It can cut 25 inches wide material up to 75 ft in length using its new titled design. Plus, having the ability to cut over 100 materials, it also takes less space than the previous models.


Which projects can I do with Cricut Venture?

You can make as many crafting projects as you wish to make. With the Venture machine, you can make extra large projects such as wall decals, 3D projects from paper, and many more. Plus, the machine can cut repeated images up to 75 ft so that you can make batches of t-shirts or vinyl decals. Also, you can make all the popular projects, such as stickers, cards, mugs, and labels, and sell them quickly and increase your customer base.

What else is included in the box along with the machine?

You will get the Performance Fine-Point Blade in the box, which can cut all the main materials like vinyl and paper. Further, you will get a Cut-off tool, roll supporters, and cleaning tools. Plus, you will get two USB cables of C-type and A-Type for connecting to the power source. Additionally, you see a Mat Support Extension, two types of Smart Vinyls. Finally, the box contains 50 ready-to-make projects.

What tools does Cricut Venture can use?

The new Cricut machine comes with a Performance blade in the box; this blade is strong to the materials at super-fast speeds. You will also be able to use new chunky 2.5 mm permanent markers. Also, make big signs or posters of your designs using the marker and even replicate your handwriting. You can also use all the tools from the Explore model line, i.e., Scoring stylus, Deep-Cut blade, etc.

Visit: Cricut New Machine Setup


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