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Now you can get high-resolution indoor videos with the help of the Amazon Blink line of security cameras. They are very budget-friendly and affordable recorders that offer the versions with a bit lower specification of the popular Ring devices and that too for remarkably lowered prices. Alongside all this, the company has recently announced two more products in the line.

The new products are named as The Blink Indoor and the Blink Outdoor. Both of them got announced at Amazon’s 2020 Hardware event. The company also launched alongside these two products, plenty of other new smart home devices in its Hardware event.

Both the products, The Blink Indoor and The Blink Outdoor, have bought several improvements over the previously used products of the brand. They have also bought up many top features which are there in the Ring smart doorbells.

One of the features which both the products have bought up is the recording quality of 1080 pixels. This feature was previously available in only the outdoor cameras of Blink, and only they had the strength and ability to record in this kind of high resolution. The indoor cameras previously used to record only at 720p, but now, with the help of the higher resolution recording, you will easily be able to monitor your house. There is another feature which was used previously only in the outdoor cameras, the IR night vision. But now this feature can also be accessed in the indoor camera models.

You can experience another significant improvement in these newer products. It is their more extended battery capacity and longer battery life. You can put four AA lithium batteries in the Blink camera, using a new battery expansion pack. It will let the camera continue to work efficiently for two years. This is very impressive as you get such long battery life.

You can also see the improvements in the storage options. These improvements will let you save the recorded video of the camera to your local backup or to cloud storage if you are using any or willing to pay for any of those subscription services. You can save the videos to your local backup, but you will definitely have to buy some extras for your local backup though. If you look closely at both the options, neither of them is really free. So, you will have to pay some bucks if you want to store your data to your local backup or even on the cloud storage.

You can purchase the Blink Indoor or the Blink Outdoor directly from Amazon, both of them are available there and with the pricing of £79.99 and £99.99 respectively.

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