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Everything You Need to Know About the Security Class D License in Florida

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Florida, the third-most populous state in the U.S., welcomes thousands of visitors each year with its many attractions. Florida draws millions of tourists each year, making the state a well-liked vacation destination for people of all ages and interests, whether it's to the white sand beaches that border the coast, Walt Disney World, or the Everglades National Park. Security officers with the necessary qualifications are in high demand due to the state's enormous population and the considerable number of visitors who visit it.

To operate in the private security sector in Florida, one must possess a Florida security class d license, which is a state-mandated license. According to Florida Statutes 493, a class d license must have 40 hours of professional security training to be eligible for a state license. A licensed security guard personnel must be employed by any security company performing contract services in order to comply with state law. Working as a guard for a security firm without a license is prohibited. There is no need for a class D license if the client directly hires the security guard and pays their wage. Two years are allotted for the license's validity, and in order for the security guard to keep working, it must be renewed before that time.

Security guards receive the training necessary to work in private security as part of their Security Officer D License Course. Security guards will learn about access control, patrolling, ethics, terrorism, fire watch, medical emergencies, and emergency readiness over the 40 hours of various modules that make up the security guard training. Students who complete the security guard training course can then apply for a Florida security license and begin employment straight away.

How can You obtain a Florida Security D license?

Students must finish 40 hours of classroom instruction for the Florida Security D License in order to work as a security officer in the state of Florida. The Online Florida Security Officer D License course cannot be done and can only be finished at an accredited security institute (D.S.). To apply for the Florida Security D License, students must be at least 18 years old and have no criminal records that would disqualify them. To apply for the Security D License, students must be U.S. citizens or possess a work visa.

Is Florida's state-wide security guard training uniform?

No. Not every security school offers the same caliber of instruction. The law mandates a 40-hour security training blueprint for all security schools, but it is up to each institution to offer its training program. As a result, the security guard training is not uniform across all security schools. Many security training facilities around the state provide this instruction through 40 hours of dull, outdated movies that barely meet the basic requirements.

What does a security license cost in Florida?

Where the applicants complete the required initial security guard training, however, may affect the costs. As a result, different colleges may charge different amounts. Some Florida institutions in the middle and northern regions are more affordable than training facilities in the southern region because the cost of living there is significantly higher. The quality of the training acquired also affects the price difference.

Some schools might merely show videos all day long instead of having an instructor that gives lectures and practical exercises and has a more hands-on form of delivery. The state charge for a security license in Florida is $50. Additionally, a $42 additional FDLE Background Check is required. The state imposes a $10.75 fingerprint retention charge as well. To apply for a security license in Florida, an applicant must spend $97.75. It does not include the price of the security school's 40-hour security guard training program.


Florida is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. With so many visitors boosting the economy of the state, it is even more essential to create a solid security strategy to protect them. Suppose they want to engage qualified security guards to safeguard their assets. In that case, business owners should look for a reputable security guard service provider who can help minimize risks and deliver top-notch services.


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