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What is DVC?

Understanding the basics of DVC

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is the Disney version of a vacation ownership program or timeshare.

Disney Vacation Development created the program in 1991 to offer Disney club members the opportunity to buy a small part of an official Disney resort.

When you become a member of the Disney Club, you purchase a real estate interest and sign a contract with Disney.

In the Disney Vacation Club, they give you points every year until that contract expires. Most contracts are 40 years on average.

DVC contracts are properties with a divided form of ownership or use of rights.

These properties are resort condominium units that come with full access to different Disney theme parks and resorts.

The membership works on a point system, where you earn points for about a year, and those points can be redeemed for a lavish stay at a Disney resort.

An example of how the points work is this: A Disney resort deluxe studio will cost about 17 points a night.

And a three-bedroom grand villa will cost you a whopping 112 points a night. Some DVC members purchase and sell disney points online for other members. To know more, please visit sell disney points.

The Disney vacation club can (for some people) be a cost-effective way of taking Disney vacations.

This is an excellent option for people who take annual Disney vacations.

Why the DVC resale Market?

Why buy DVC resale when you can buy DVC retail?

If you are in the market for DVC, you can purchase a membership directly from Disney. Or you can purchase from the resale market, but it’s not that simple.

The DVC membership is already a steep purchase for most people, and the resale market aids Non-Disney club members to purchase DVC properties for a fraction of the price.

Disney has 15 resorts, and they are all on the resale market.

So if you have a home resort in mind, it should be easy to find on the resale market.

Disney World is one of the most popular vacation destinations for families around the world.

One thing that makes Disney World such an amazing destination is its theme parks.

There are four main theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Each park offers something different from each other.

Having a Disney vacation club membership allows families to explore all of Disney’s parks at a fraction of the price.

One of the best things about a DVC membership, regardless of where you buy it, is how flexible it is.

The huge savings are sometimes worth the restrictions when buying a resale. If you saved $15,000 buying a resale, you would have had to buy 50 annual passes to equal the savings.

They aren’t even that many restrictions. Many of the direct membership extras and annual passes are discontinued.

So it is becoming more and more difficult to justify the direct Disney prices. When you think about it, buying resale makes more financial sense.

What to expect from resale DVC

Is it safe to purchase resale?

It is safe to buy from DVC By Resale. DVC is designated as real property, so the vacation club ownership can only be sold by someone with a real estate license or an individual owner.

What is the process l like?


Buying resale membership will certainly take longer than buying retail.

When you purchase retail, and the Disney Vacation Club contract has been properly signed, and the deposit received, closing usually takes place within 60-90 days.

The resale process takes about 6-8 weeks to complete. Closing the deal is usually done within 6-7 weeks, and then Disney adds the new Member to their system about one week later.

So you might have to start the process much earlier if you are considering the resale market. The resale process could be shorter if Disney waives their ‘Right of First Refusal’ quickly.


Selling DVC on the other hand is so much easier.  The resale value of DVC sales is higher than any other brand in the timeshare resale market.

You may be able to sell for more than you paid if you have been a member of the DVC for several years.

Due to the high demand, almost all Disney Vacation Club resale contract listings sell in one month.

As soon as an offer is made and terms have been agreed upon between the owner and the buyer, the realtor will draft a contract, which will then be submitted to Disney for processing.

Once both parties have signed the contract, the closing process will take between 60 and 90 days for Disney to finalize and make the points transfer.

Perks not included?

Do DVC membership perks transfer when you buy resale?

DVC contracts purchased directly from Disney come with a lot of extra privileges like free resort activities at Disney World, Pin trading, pool parties, discounts for Disney World annual passes, and signature events.

Disney Vacation Club is the only vacation ownership program that offers these kinds of extras to its members.

It’s also one of the most popular programs in the world because it allows you to enjoy your vacations year round without having to worry about paying high prices during peak season or waiting until after Christmas to book trips.

Other DVC perks include discounts on dining, shopping, member-only DVC pins, free parking at Deluxe Villa resorts, and other all-year-round benefits.

A guest that drives a car saves over $24/night from free parking alone.  With your DVC membership, you can vacation around the world with a vacation exchange through RCI.

So it’s understandable why potential buyers who are browsing the resale market are concerned that DVC resale won’t allow them to access all Disney has to offer.  

Yes, it’s true, not all membership perks transfer when you purchase resale.

However, when you purchase contracts from Disney directly, you still have to purchase a minimum of 125 points to have unrestricted access.

So if unrestricted access is what you are looking for, you will be happy to know that many DVC owners purchase points on the resale market, so they can add on to their already existing membership.

Purchasing contracts and points, on the resale market, is a great way to save money overall.

Licensed Real Estate Agents advise that for points to be added to your membership, you should consider using the membership yearly and that will affect your booking in a good way when you buy more points.


The financial benefit of being a Disney Vacation Club member is that you’re able to lock down future stays at their resorts with present-day prices.

If you’re booking directly from Disney every time you decide to go on a trip to Disney World or Disneyland, you are guaranteed to pay prices that continue to go up each year. Here is to know more about DVC resale.

So try purchasing resale and save even more.

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