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Everything You Need to Know: OnePlus Watch

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It has been a year since the rumors first popped up about OnePlus getting their own line of wearables. This has made OnePlus fans excited as they can now finally complete their collection. OnePlus first started with a limited release of the OnePlus Band, and now they are going into the bigger pool of smartwatches. OnePlus has made some big promises with its first smartwatch named OnePlus Watch. But do they deliver with ever-growing competition around them? Here we are digging a little deep to let you know where the OnePlus watch stands.

OnePlus Watch

OnePlus launched both their OnePlus 9 series and OnePlus watch together earlier this year. Well, if you think about it technically, this is the company’s second entry into the big world of smartwatches after the OnePlus Band. But the band didn’t get a wider release, whereas the smartwatch is getting a much wider release. The new OnePlus smartwatch is available in the US and various other countries like China, India, other Asian countries, and also various other European markets.

Is OnePlus worth buying?

We know many people want to complete their set of OnePlus products. The answer to this question is Yes from them. But we are looking from a neutral point of view. So, it’s difficult to recommend the watch in the current form. Well, no matter how compact and updated the new OnePlus watch is. It still lags behind in certain areas that would enable this smartwatch to compete with other smartwatches of the world.

The watch falls shorts in quite a few areas, such as the smart features and the fitness tracker. It is hard for us to say, but the smart features are quite basic, and the fitness tracker is generic. Why would you want to buy something at x3 price when you can get a fitness band, and it still works the same. But still, not everything is bad. It can do things like calorie count, heart rate tracking, SpO2 monitoring, step tracking in a fairly good manner.

Design and Hardware:

As this was their first release in the smartwatch world, so they played it safe and secure and kept the design simple. The OnePlus watch has a round display with a bezel, and there are few buttons on the side. We have seen this type of design in many smartwatches, but this doesn’t take away the fact that it is a well-built watch. The built makes it looks like a premium watch but at half the price in this world of expensive smartwatches.

The OnePlus has an AMOLED display of 1.39 inches, and this is the show-off point of the watch. The curved glass is 2.5D, and it looks fantastic. And the screen is bright enough to make you comfortable to view it outside also.

You find two basic buttons on the side of the watch. One button is to access the menu, while the other can be used as a quick access key that defaults to the work modes.

Where you can buy the OnePlus Watch:

The OnePlus watch is available everywhere. In the US, it is $159 and, in the UK, it is available for £ 149. The watch got a global release, and it is also available in other markets such as European and Asian countries. If you consider its current capabilities, it’s just an expensive fitness tracker. But if you want a smartwatch that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet, this is the watch to get. We hope just like OnePlus smartphones, they will also improve as they go along.


Here is a quick review of the OnePlus smartwatch. There are a few good and bad features that you want to look out for if you want to buy them. Here is everything you want to check out.

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