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Everything you should know about contoura eye vision

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Beyond Contoura Surgery in Bathinda

Wearing eyeglasses for improving near or far sight could not be comfortable for a long time. You might be considering surgical treatment that can serve you with enduring results to correct vision. In the medical field, vision correction techniques are consistently developing and you can find one to meet your purpose prolifically. In this blog post, you will get to know about surgery which is more advanced than Lasik. Beyond contoura surgery in Bathinda is an innovative technique to be availed for the correction of vision. It is available at Vasu eye institute & skin centre.

What is Contoura vision surgery?

As mentioned earlier that this is a progressive treatment to undergo the spectacle removal process. So, you can expect to obtain desired results by consulting with an expert eye specialist. None other than Dr. Gourav Mangla can perform this surgery which includes the use of high-tech equipment, skill, and utmost precision. It is the latest technique in ophthalmology which is topography-guided laser surgery to remove the eyeglasses permanently. The major advantage of this technique is that it treats vision-related flaws and helps in evading corneal irregularities. In addition to this, it is an FDA-approved treatment that is safe and highly effective.

Why consider beyond contoura surgery in Bathinda?

A Lasik surgery of the eye can help you to improve vision by performing on the outer part of the eye which is the cornea. It is a good eye surgery but might not produce the expected outcomes in some complicated cases. However, contoura vision surgery involves advanced steps to treat corneal issues of the eye to restore improved vision. This is a versatile surgery as it can treat near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia which may arise a need to improve closer vision while reading a book or newspaper. Simply put, this surgery can help you:

  • To get freedom from wearing eyeglasses every day
  • To help you see better than contact lenses and eyeglasses
  • To prevent your vision from declining in the long run

Benefits of beyond contoura surgery in Bathinda

Contoura vision surgery can produce greater results than regular LASIK eye surgery. First of all, it is highly recommended treatment for those who are not suitable for Lasik treatment. People who usually have thin or irregular cornea are not eligible for Lasik treatment. So, for those patients, this surgery could prove a boon. It can work:

  • To treat corneal irregularity which cannot be done with Lasik
  • To save the corneal tissue from damage
  • To offer faster recovery time to patients
  • To treat astigmatism more profoundly than the Lasik laser
  • To add more precision to the surgery with topolyser, femto laser, and excimer laser

The beyond contoura surgery in Bathinda is an intuitive treatment that can serve better results than any other treatment. It uses machines that can analyze the micro-elevation of the cornea for showing a detailed map of the cornea. Therefore, it can be performed with a high level of precision and can deliver better results for removing the glasses.


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