Everything You Wanted To Know About Vehicle electrification

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Vehicle electrification

Vehicle electrification is the process of using electricity to power a vehicle, replacing components that use a traditional energy source with components that use electricity. Mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems are large, heavy, and inefficient in comparison to electrical systems.

The fundamental objective of vehicle electrification is to replace a gasoline engine with an electric power train. The energy stored in an electric powertrain's traction battery pack is used to drive the electric motor through a power electronics converter. When braking or lowering the vehicle's speed,a regenerative braking system returns the electric energy to the battery. Depending on the type of electric motor used, the converter's control method and topology will change. The following are the many types of electric motors that are widely used in electric vehicles:

  • Permanent-magnet switched reluctance motor (PMSRM).- Used in four-wheeler EVs

  • Permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM).- Used by many EV manufacturers for high-performance electric motorcycles, electric cars, and electric buses.

  • Brush lessDC motor (BLDC motor).- Used in most lightweight two-wheeler and three-wheeler EVs like electric scooters and electric motorcycles

  • Interior permanent magnet Motor (IPMM).- Used by some manufacturers for high-performance, two-wheeler electric motorcycles

  • AC induction motor (ACIM).- Used by the manufacturer for two-wheeler and four-wheeler Evs

It is challenging to completely replace a gasoline engine with an electric power train while yet fulfilling all customer demands with present battery technology. The primary difficulty is the limitation on the amount of energy that can be stored in a battery cell. Hybrids can bridge the gap between a battery electric vehicle and a regular automobile by combining an internal combustion engine with an electric motor. Hybrids can also improve the efficiency of regular gasoline cars. 

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