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Everything You’d Want to Know about Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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Cabinets made of raw wood are arguably the most common cabinetry designs you can talk of. In fact, according to recent statistics in interior design industry, in seven out of ten American homes, cabinetries and other types of furniture are made of hardwood.  

Have you at some point, ever wondered why natural wood kitchen cabinets never go out of fashion? In this article, we uncover everything about these drawers.

Discover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cabinetries made of natural wood.

The Popularity of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Explained

Wood, specifically hardwood, was a one-standing desirable high-quality material for all kinds of furniture until the technological and industrial wave of the 21st century. With industrial products like laminate finding their way to interior décor, the popularity of wood declined sharply.

However, because most industrial materials over time, proved to be costly in terms of purchase and maintenance, interior designers shifted back to natural materials. Currently, natural wood kitchen cabinets are more popular than ever. Apart from their cost-effectiveness, here are other reasons why cabinets made of natural wood are back in fashion.

1.      Durability

Compared to cabinets made of laminate, wood cupboards are more durable. Whether you go for ones made of hardwoods like oak, hickory, mahogany, birch, or maple, just be sure they will be able to resist tear and wear.

2.      Ease of Maintenance

With functionality being a defining feature of modern interior design, wood-based furniture is bound to be popular. Because of their tough hardwood finish, natural wood kitchen cabinets are the easiest to clean. Moreover, they can conceal dirt marks and scratches, a fact that makes them ideal for cookhouse with high traffic.

3.      Environment-Friendliness

With the impacts of global warming becoming apparent every day, many people, all over the world, are adopting environment-friendly approaches to life, including opting for natural materials in the design of homes, offices, and suchlike amenities.

Unlike artificial materials, for example, laminate, which is somehow destructive to the environment, wood comes naturally from the environment, and is sustainable as well as recyclable.

Common Types of Wood Used for Natural Cabinets

#1: Alder: This hardwood is famous for its unique bending capacity, subtle grain pattern, and polished appearance. Interior designers globally consider it the best for kitchen furniture, thanks to its 9,800 psi bending capacity.

#2: Maple: That hardwood you see in some alley lanes, stair rails, and dance floors is maple. Its strength is unmatched. Because maple is smooth-grained, maple cabinets are very easy to stain or paint.

#3: Oak: Because of its visually attractive grain pattern, oak tops the list of the best hardwoods for cabinets. In this regard, oak kitchen cabinets are the most popular natural wood cabinetry designs. Oak is also strong and comes in two finishes, red and white.

#4: Birch: This is a fine-grained and light-textured hardwood that is commonly used to design different types of cabinets. Because of its soft finish, birch looks clean and simple to stain or paint

#5: Hickory: This strong impact-resistant hardwood is the best in terms of carving. Because of its softness, you can design any shape with hickory. More often, hickory cabinets are recommended for kitchens with high traffic.

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinet Trends

As already observed, the popularity of natural wood kitchen cabinets is currently rising. In this respect, jaw-dropping natural wood cabinet ideas are being unleashed day-in-day-out. The latest ideas on natural wood cabinetries include the following.



Ø  Unstained Light-Toned Natural Cabinets

The beauty of hardwoods in their pristine natural state comes with a luxurious visual appeal that is a great attraction to modern homeowners. If you prefer simplicity in your kitchen, you should install unstained natural wood kitchen cabinets whose visual outlook is marked by soft grain patterns. These cabinets are so popular that many homeowners are now discarding their stained and painted cupboards for them.

Ø  Natural Wood Cabinets with Open Shelves

Do you want your kitchen to be defined by an illusion of a larger space? If yes, then install in it, natural cabinets adorned with open shelves. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, they can make it look larger than it is. Moreover, open-shelved natural wood cabinets are currently among the top trending cabinetry designs.

Ø  Natural Wood Shaker Cabinets

If you want to add a classic touch to your kitchen, while making it look stylish, shaker cabinets are the best for you. They not only come with an interesting long story from the past but also a simple and sophisticated outlook that gives them eye-catching properties. From traditional to contemporary, natural wood shaker cabinets are vast.

Disadvantages of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Although natural wood kitchen cabinets are admired globally for their durability, functionality, and visual attractiveness, they are disadvantageous in a few aspects. These are;

a)      Vulnerability to Damage by Water

Because wood is hygroscopic, it can easily absorb moisture, especially if it is constantly left wet. Hence, natural wood cupboards can easily look rusty and worn out if water is frequently poured on them. However, you can do the following to avoid this problem.

ü  Seal the wood

ü  Keep the cabinets dry

ü  Stain or paint


b)     Cracking

While all types of hardwood are known to be strong, they can be susceptible to cracks or warping, especially if they are used where temperatures are constantly low or humid.  The only way to avoid exposing natural wood kitchen cabinets to cracks is by keeping the cabinetry and the entire cooking area dry and warm at all times.

c)      High Cost of Wood

Compared to many different materials used to design cabinets, cut wood is very expensive, and so, disadvantageous to homeowners with fixed budgets. However, considering the durability and visual attractiveness of wood in its natural state, it can be understandable if you spend a fortune to have natural wood cabinets installed in your home.

Should I Consider Natural Wood Cabinets for my Kitchen?

The simple answer is yes. I will tell you why. Cabinets made of raw wood rank high in terms of durability and functionality. In addition, because of the visual attractiveness of natural wood, these drawers can easily transform the outlook of your cooking area. Natural wood kitchen cabinets are also very versatile in terms of variety. You can never miss finding a design that blends with your kitchen interior design aspects.


Natural wood kitchen cabinets are trending this 2023. Because of their durability properties, these drawers are admired by homeowners everywhere. Regardless of the design of the kitchen you want them in; natural cabinets will fit in just the way you want them to.

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