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BD Memorial Kolkata, one of the best schools in Kolkata, recommends involving young people in decision making, planning, and implementation of the activities intended for them, as a good practice that contributes to their positive development. As one of the top schools in Kolkata, we believe that classroom libraries that want to offer young people effective and meaningful experiences must ensure their participation in all stages of their planning.

BD Memorial Kolkata, a renowned CBSE school near Garia, knows that young people should be the first to be recognized as experts in what they consider attractive or useful to them. Therefore, it is recommended that the library choose one group of young people to consult on various books, facilities, programs or services which it wishes to provide.

The classroom library is the place where students can prepare their lessons and document themselves on topics of personal interest, with the help of a qualified teacher. Also in this space, students are encouraged to read for pleasure.

As one of the best schools in Kolkata, we believe the classroom library facilitates individual study, conducted on coordinates other than formal teaching, in the classroom, and can be an alternative route for acquiring knowledge and skills, providing a space dedicated to studying and learning materials in print and digital format.

As one of the top schools in Kolkata, our aims of classroom library for young people are: should provide a transitional option from those for children to those for adults, based on specific needs of young people; young people have the right to services that address their educational needs, informational, cultural and leisure activities; library services must promote literacy, lifelong learning, information literacy and reading pleasure.

The library must be open to all and, as a result, must meet different cultural needs. Cultural needs have their origins both in oral traditions and in changing society and social status, in cultural diversity, and the vision of each individual about the future.

Young students should be actively involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of resources, services, and activities. They must be treated with respect and kindness, and the library must show a desire to validate their choices, even if they differ from the ones she traditionally offered. Libraries that structure their activities and services in the context of models Youth development can provide the solution to a successful transition from adolescence to adolescence maturity.

Young students represent a diverse group, and their interests, level of maturity, desires, and abilities differ greatly. As a result, our classroom library needs to offer a range of varied resources as possible to reflect these desires. Special attention is granted to young people with disabilities and those from social minorities or linguistic. Materials in foreign languages must be included in the library's collections, along with those which reflect the cultural diversity of that community.

BD Memorial Kolkata, a CBSE school near Garia, assures the involvement of young people in the process of selection and display of intended materials their age can bring benefits in promoting collections and library services, also helping to increase the level of use of the library. A wide range of publications is recommended, including books, comics, very popular genres, such as science fiction novels, adventure novels, to name a few, as well as modern music.

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