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Exciting Reasons to Own a Folding Bike

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Those who follow trends in trying new things are very much familiar with a folding bike, but for the people who have never tried, it remains a kind of mystery about the experience it provides. The questions could vary from the kind of experience it gives, like are they as good as they seem, isn’t the folding part complex, are they comfortable, do they take up large space, etc.


Questions can be answered in theory, but it would be the experience of riding a bike that will make some opinions. It can be tried by visiting stores. You can search online for branded options like ‘folding bike shop near me’, and the search engines will show the locations of bike stores. We have tried to answer some of the most thought about query below, let’s scroll down and check them out.


  • Speed: Folding bikes with small wheels provide great speed. If you compare the speeds of normal road bikes with foldable ones, the latter may not match the speed but it gives the feeling of riding fast with its quick movements and control. They are best for touring the city or going to regular places, and some models are designed to take on rough paths and adventure rides as well, though the tyres are thick.
  • Portability: The folding bike’s best advantage is that you can take it anywhere, even on public transport modes like buses and trains. You just need to fold it, and you can keep inside the house, or if you are taking it to the office you can put it under the table.
  • Ease to Use: Folding bikes are comfy to ride and carry in their small state. No tension in looking for space at parking or locking the bike. You can fold and unfold it under a minute. And taking the folded version inside the premises or in the office is easy.
  • Material to Rely on: Folding bikes may look fragile and small at first sight, but their build and material quality are very robust. Even if you have a habit of using things in a rough manner, it's made to last longer. Their material is made to take on the pressure of daily usage and so the weight is a bit on the higher side. And their maintenance cost is nothing as compared to a motorbike which needs fuel to run, or to find a parking space wherever you go. This saves up a lot of time and money on daily basis.
  • Safety Features: The normal bike has to be locked up, or even chained outside the house so that it remains safe. On the other hand, foldable bikes can be easily kept indoors in a coiled way. You can also hang them on walls, with simple mechanisms available in the market, and by using those you just have to come and hang the bike as you do with your jacket, and take them down when stepping outside.
  • Can be Customized: Multiple brands offer to create the bike as per the requirements of the customer. You can get paint, the extension of the seat, gearing system, lights or the position of the racks as per your choice.



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