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As per Roots Analysis, most of the viral vector and gene therapy manufacturers (66%) are located in North America, followed by the players headquartered in Europe (32%) and Asia-Pacific (9%). Within North America, majority of the companies focused on manufacturing viral vectors and gene therapies are based in the US (65). Further, in Europe, most of the players are located in France (10), followed by those headquartered in the UK (8) and Germany (6). In Asia-Pacific and RoW, maximum number of companies (4) are based in Japan, followed by those companies located in China (3) and Israel (2).

Additionally, it was noticed that, North America is the current hub for the production of viral vectors, featuring the presence of 53% of the total manufacturing facilities. Within this region, most (81) of the facilities are located in the US. This is followed by Europe, where approximately 37% of the total facilities are located. In Europe, maximum number of facilities are based in France (12), followed by those located in the UK (11) and Germany (9).

Multiple Players with Expertise in Manufacturing Vector and Gene Therapy have Emerged in this Domain in the Past Few Years 

In this section, we have presented a competitiveness analysis of companies that claim to offer vector and gene therapy manufacturing services, across key geographical regions. The companies considered in this analysis have been scored based on several relevant parameters, such as manufacturing strength (in terms of service related capabilities, number of manufacturing facilities and application area), service strength (in terms of scale of operation, number of vectors manufactured and geographical reach), supplier strength (in terms of years of experience in this field) and company size (small-sized, mid-sized and large). 

In this analysis, we have compared more than 140 vector and gene therapy manufacturers across multiple parameters. The insights on company competitiveness have been presented in the form of four-dimensional bubble charts, with supplier power on the abscissa, manufacturing strength on the ordinate. Further, size of the bubble is representative of the service strength, while color indicates company size. The purpose of this analysis was to compare the relative popularity and activity of vector and gene therapy manufacturers. At no point, should the discussion in this chapter be construed as a firm recommendation that one firm is better than the others. Kindly note that, for the purpose of this analysis, information was collated from various publicly available sources and company websites.

A detailed information on the key players, partnerships inked by the manufacturers, company competitiveness, capacity analysis, demand analysis and the likely market evolution, was done by Roots Analysis in Q1 2021. For Further, information visit this link:



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