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Experience the charisma of self-driving car hire service in Bangalore

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Bangalore is a highly developed Indian city popularly known for its Victorian-era buildings, historical monuments, and flower gardens. From the job perspective, Bangalore is also a prosperous city offering huge work opportunities in the IT and Tech world. So, it’s a prominent place to visit for passionate engineers and IT aspirants. Apart from this, the city offers a diverse range of tourist places locally and surrounding areas. Every year, many visitors come to this place to visit different places. They often opt for self driven cars in Bangalore offered by Rentop. Having a vast network of roads and highways, connecting to Bangalore via road is easier. So, more and more travelers prefer to plan road trips when they visit this city.

Visit exciting places in and around Bangalore

No matter in which Indian state you are residing, you can easily reach Bangalore. If you are living in a faraway city like Chandigarh, you can fly through the air. However, Bangalore airport is located at a distance from the city limits. So, it always makes sense to prefer self driven cars in Bangalore to make your travel comfortable. Rentop brings you the facility to drive straight to the target destination from the airport. The city hosts many local places like Lal Bagh, Bangalore Palace, Cubbon Park, etc. Thus, you can visit these places on a full-day rental car trip. Also, you can visit the Queen of hills Ooty from Bangalore using a rental car.

Rent a preferred car in Bangalore

If you think that finding and selecting a rental car in Bangalore is challenging, you are living on a different planet. In the digital era, the internet is the best companion that helps you to find the service quickly. So, when you make an online quest for self driven cars in Bangalore, you may get bountiful results. But, from those results, Rentop would have positioned at no.1 position in search results. It is a professional service that enables you to make the car booking process a lot easier. So, check below at how you can easily find the required fleet to visit Bangalore in full tranquillity.

  • Book the car online

The best advantage you can seek from this service is booking the car online. Even if you are a traveler, you don’t need to go through any difficulty. You can consider using the Rentop app on your mobile with simple downloading from the Play Store of your cell phone. It would deliver you the speedy facility to make online reservations for the car. Merely, you need to provide a preferred date and time of travel to fix the deal. Once you have confirmed the same, you can hire a car to roam locally and can travel to hill stations and far places from Bangalore.

  • Select from the best cars

After registering for the app to book the fleet, you should consider a selection of the desired fleet. Using the Rentop platform, you can check a myriad range of self driven cars in Bangalore online. It facilitates you to check a diverse array of cars to hire for a comfortable ride to local areas like markets, museums, temples, etc. So, you can make a selection from vivid cars such as Brezza, Duster, Grand i10, Swift, Tiago, etc. These are the best fleets available in perfect working conditions. So, by picking one as per your needs, you can lost in the beautiful landscapes and can enjoy driving on the finest roads of Bangalore.

Rent the best cars in Bangalore from Rentop only

Rentop holds the lion’s share of car rentals in the city of Bangalore. We give the utmost flexibility to our clients who want to use a car according to their own driving preferences. Therefore, you can choose our platform to rent a car hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. In addition to this, you can get the fleet on hire with the flexibility of unlimited km rides. Consequently, you can roam around without worrying about how many km have you covered. Since our rental service is based on the number of hours to count the rental duration. So, you can explore as much as you can during a day, week, or month. Let’s check for how long you should explore through self driven cars in Bangalore.

  • Hourly rental service

You can consider this rental period for a short trip to local places in Bangalore. Especially if you are visiting Bangalore on your way to another destination in South India, hourly rental is good. However, you can rent it for a full day which counts 24 hours. So, when you are making an online booking, you should mention the specific rental period.

  • Daily rental service

You can consider daily rental service with self driven cars in Bangalore to avoid large capital purchasing. If you want to cover a one-way travel distance, want to get car-pooling, and during seasonal needs, you can consider this offer. It enables you to get a car without owning a vehicle for a fixed period. Instead, can get flexibility with rental car ownership.

  • Weekly rental service

This facility enables you to rent a car during weekends to make a road trip in and around Bangalore. If you want to get a relaxed weekend to escape from a stressful life, you can rent a car. It facilitates you to use the rental fleet to visit your favorite places for a pre-determined period. Thus, you can have the best way to get mental peace and travel comfort.

  • Monthly rental service

You can consider this option basically for the intended purpose of work. If you are in Bangalore for a temporary period of 2-3 months, you can use a rental car service. You can get the car to navigate through the work site and explore other places. The best advantage of monthly rentals is that you can get a hefty discount on rental services.

So, you can see how Rentop offers self driven cars in Bangalore to make every ride seamless. Thus, as per your specific travel requirements, you can opt for the service. It helps you to make your journey too cool since you won’t have to struggle to find public transportation. Moreover, you can book the car through a straightforward method of online booking.

Advantages of renting a self driven car

It is no secret that car hire is the best transportation facility you can obtain. Rentop is the favorite choice among locals and travelers to use self driven cars in Bangalore. Thus by renting a car, you can enjoy the following benefits. Also, it is certain that you refer us to others for renting a car in Bangalore for traveling.

  • Affordability

The prime advantage you can get with us is affordability. The idea of car rental can prove a lucrative deal for you if you are traveling with your peers. It saves you a lot since you don’t have to spend individually on the fares of buses and taxis. Instead, you can rent a fleet to use together for a group ride. Therefore, you can make the ride affordable and can save more. We have competitive pricing and you can check the fleet which suits you the best.

  • Easy to book

As a traveler, you would certainly not want to waste time seeking the proper vehicle to travel. So, when it comes to traveling to Bangalore, you can have an easy way to book the ride. You can use the Rentop app which is user-friendly and is designed to work on mobiles seamlessly. So, whether you have an Android or Mac mobile, you can download the app to make easy bookings. It helps you to navigate the local and outdoor places as per your travel preferences.

  • Utmost convenience

Self driven cars in Bangalore offer you the advantage of convenience. You don’t need to travel to make the choice for a rental fleet. But you can get one at the desired location from where you want to begin the travel. Moreover, you can get the vehicle delivered to your preferred location. While booking the car online, you can mention the location of delivery. In a matter of minutes, you can get it delivered to your doorstep.

  • Independent travel

You can opt for independent travel using the rental car. Having ownership of the rental fleet would certainly bring you the freedom to travel anywhere. Thus, opting for this service would offer you the flexibility to roam around at your own pace. You can explore local places and hill stations without any guided tour. Also, you can travel day and night without any interruption to explore as many as destinations possible.

Map your journey today and enjoy the ride

Rentop self driven cars in Bangalore are available to hire. So, you just need to plan a road map to visit the attractions you want to explore. In a matter of minutes, you can hire the desired rental fleet to start your journey. It is guaranteed that you will enjoy the journey to the fullest and have a remarkable travel experience.


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