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Expert advice to secure BYOD

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In the digital workplace, employees are more productive and collaborative when they know how to use tools and devices better. Even if small things like keyboard size change it take a user 3 second more to finish the same task.

That’s why more businesses are embracing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs to leverage human habits resulting in better productivity. But benefits comes with challenges as BYOD hamper security uniformity if not taken care of by modern security tools and process.  

In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)  plus Vinca’s expert tips to stay ahead of cons and any security hazards.

What is Bring Your Own Device?

Employees bring their own devices to work when they use their computer or mobile phone, instead of company devices for their daily work activities. BYOD isn’t a new concept.

Employees have been bringing their equipment to work for years. In many cases, this happens when an organization’s equipment doesn’t provide the tools employees need to do their jobs effectively. BYOD can also happen when an organization doesn’t provide the right tools for employees to do their jobs.  

Pros of a BYOD

A BYOD program can increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention rates. Employees appreciate being trusted with their own devices that they use at home. This can lower turnover rates and help to increase productivity since employees have the tools they need to do their jobs from home.

This allows for more flexibility, in addition, employees can focus on their work instead of the device. For example, if you use a custom-built computer for work, you might feel self-conscious about the device. BYOD programs also save companies money.

 Cons of a BYOD

BYOD programs have their drawbacks as well. For example, it can be more difficult to secure devices that employees bring to work. In addition, employers face some challenges with data management and protection. When employees use their own devices for work, companies don’t always know what devices are being used.

In addition, companies don’t always know which data is being stored on employee devices. BYOD programs can be a security risk for organizations. No matter what steps you take to secure your network, employees could still have data on their devices that are at risk. This could be sensitive information that’s not protected. If a device is lost or stolen, this data could end up in the wrong hands.

Tips to minimize or eliminate cons of BYOD Program

If you decide to implement a BYOD program, there are steps you can take to ensure security. Before you start:

  • Assess your network’s ability to support BYOD devices.
    •  Assess employees’ cyber literacy.
    • Set-up standard device requirements for your network. Say anything below a certain OS version is not allowed
  • Periodic employee training to stay ahead of security with the same device.
  • Reassess your BYOD program every few months.

These small things together makes big difference by ensuring the devices are meeting your business needs and security isn’t being overlooked and mismanaged.


Your employees are more productive when they have the right tools for success. A Bring Your Own Device program lets employees use the devices they prefer for their work. When employees feel comfortable, they can better focus on their work.

A BYOD program can also help save enterprise money. However, it’s important to secure the devices your employees use for work. Without proper security, a BYOD program could put your company’s data at risk. Hence, software designed for BYOD is essential for a company.

These software takes 1/10th cost of the average current device purchase budget with enhanced uniformity to support modern-day cloud or multi-cloud networks. Vinca Cyber being an industry leader and a trusted name of managed security service providers are committed to bringing best-in-class security tools for BYOD and any other security needs four our clients and enterprises across the globe.

Redeem the benefits of BYOD and let us manage all your security concerns.


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