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Hair loss these days has defied all traditional definitions of age, gender etc. and can affect both men and womenof any age group. Traditionally, it has been considered as a sign of ageing but now due to corporate culture, high stress life, use of chemically strong hair cosmetic products and pollution the hair loss is becoming a rampant problem. To deal with hair loss, a lot of people initially try a lot of methods such as using hair oils, shampoos, conditioners etc. however all this is not proven remedy to deal with hair loss permanently. The only solution is hair transplant.

Hair transplant which is a surgical procedure has actually become a popular treatment modality due to the quality of results it can deliver.Thus, the number of hair transplant clinics is sprouting in the country with New Delhi and Jaipur being the two major centers. The principle of hair transplant is fairly simple extraction of grafts from the donor sites and placing the same at the target bald site. The detailed steps are as below:

  • Administration of local anaesthesia at donor site
  • Follicular Graft harvesting from donor area as per the requirement of number of grafts
  • Implantation of grafts at the recipient site
  • PRP therapy(optional)
  • Post operative washing after 24 hours

The graft harvesting step is the most crucial step of the hair transplant procedure which can be performed by either of 2 primary methods:

  • FUT hair transplant (Follicular unit transplantation or strip technique): It employs the extraction of thin section of scalp as strip consisting of several follicles and sufficient amount of accompanying tissue, the strip is then isolated and dissected under high grade microscopes to separate the follicles which are eventually placed at the target site. 
  • FUE (Follicular unit extraction): It includes the extraction of individual ‘follicular units’ with a surgical punch like device followed by implantation of graft at recipient site.

Now which hair transplant technique to deploy is usually decided by the surgeon performing the procedure depending on the case. FUT technique or the strip technique allows to attain less damage rate to the follicles because the isolation of the grafts is performed under high resolution microscope.

Accordingly, the Success rate by FUT hair transplant technique is almost 100% as each step is performed under high magnification ensuring least possible damage the grafts and thus, higher number of grafts could be extracted. Accordingly FUT is the technique of choice for high graft requirement cases.

The hair transplant cost in India is very frugal and stands at only around 20-25% of the cost in the US, UK or Emirates for a similar quality procedure. Approx cost is in the range of INR 60,000 to INR 400,000. The exact cost is always assessed by your surgeon after an analysis of the scalp and is usually a combination of following factors

  • Baldness Grade:Higher the grade of baldness the higher will be the cost of the hair transplant.
  • Hair density required for adequate coverage on bald site: Higher the number of hair grafts needed to provide an adequate cover, higher is the cost.
  • Nature of hair transplant: Facial hair transplant is costlier because it involves more skilful and aesthetically profound results.
  • Techniques of hair transplant: Out of FUE and FUT hair transplant. FUE hair transplant is usually costlier given it involves individual extraction and is thus, long and meticulous.
  • Geographical Location of clinic: The cost of living and the economy of the city affect the cost as it affects the overheads.
  • Reputation of the hair transplant clinic: The reputation of the hair transplant clinic also matters when it comes to the cost of the hair transplant. If the hair transplant clinic is highly reputed than the cost of the hair transplant could also be higher.
  • Educational qualification of the hair transplant surgeon: A super specialized hair transplant surgeon would obviously charge higher.
  • Experience of the hair transplant surgeon: An experienced surgeon usually charges more because of the past experience that he brings on to the table to enhance the surgical outcomes or to avoid any complications.

 If you are looking forward for a FUT hair transplant, always prefer a renowned hair transplant clinic because it involves a surgical incision and suturing at the donor site. Medispa hair transplant clinic is one of the best options you can look for your hair transplant. It is one of the most famous hair loss treatment clinics in Delhi after having constantly delivered 100% results. Dr Suneet Soni, the owner and surgeon at Medispa hair transplant clinic is famous for his crafty surgical skills which are extremely precise and accurate coupled with his deep content experience and artistic surgical skills. Over his 15 years of experience, he has successfully delivered fabulous and most natural looking results.


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