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Explore a Range of Premium Level Gas Generators from Quadrex

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Quadrex is a prominent provider of gas generators and GC consumables, combining a rich legacy initiated by its founder, Dr. S.R. Lipsky. The company has established itself throughout the years and offers the best quality Zero-air gas generators for different purposes. The company is focused on providing excellent quality service to each client. 

A Zero-air gas generator creates zero air for various lab purposes. Zero air is clean, dry air free from hydrocarbons and pollutants. Many labs use this form of gas for analytical reasons. With its premium-quality gas generators, Quadrex Corp ensures that the various experiments and lab operations can be executed efficiently. 

“At Quadrex, our goal is innovation and precision. Our team undertakes extensive research to study and implement the latest technology in our gas generators. Each product that leaves our facility is a testament to our hard work and dedication”, says the company spokesperson. 

The company deals with a comprehensive range of gas generators for every need. In addition to Zero-air, they offer Hydrogen generators, Nitrogen Gas Generators for LC-MS, accessories from F-DGSI, and other gas-related lab requirements. Quadrex understands the importance of quality when it comes to gas generators. They use excellent materials to ensure each gas generator exhibits peak performance.  

The standard of the products is a mix of over 40 years of experience and research. Besides, the company has a cutting-edge manufacturing unit that uses the latest technologies. The experts at Quadrex observe the production process at every stage to ensure zero compromise with quality.

Quadrex’s prominent offering is its F-DGS Ultra Zero-air gas generators. These are the most reputed air purifiers for producing hydrocarbon-free air for laboratory use. They are offered with a maximum flow rate of 50 liters per minute. The company employs cutting-edge technology to manufacture these generators. 

Each Zero-air generator is manufactured using PSA technology that eliminates water vapor. A heated catalyst technology removes THC and methane to an amount less than 0.05 ppm. It is an Ultra-Zero air station with an in-built air compressor. The generator is operated with the most advanced HMI touchscreen technology, which displays the entire process as it happens. 

The features do not end here. It also has auto start. The gar generator exhibits an audible and alarm display, as well as the help menu and history. The Zero-air gas generator has a visible maintenance indication that is equipped with a history log and alarms. The soundproof compressor box and anti-vibration amenities ensure a quiet and calm process. A key element is the oil-free compressor, which provides an entirely safe air supply. 

“Our gas generators offer endless features. Our wheel-fitted Zero-air gas generator comes with an outlet flow indicator and energy-saving mode, which turns the machine off when not in use. It also allows for remote access to the screen through a USB port using the Internet,” says the company spokesperson. 

The minds at Quadrex are on a constant mission to provide the most advanced product. Whether as a GC Column Supplier or a manufacturer of gas generators, Quadrex has made a place for itself with its almost forty years of experience in the industry. The experts are all knowledgeable professionals from relevant industries who identify the latest needs of the market and upgrade their products accordingly. 

The company focuses on 24/7 support and exemplary customer care. With Quadrex, there are no hidden costs. The customer pays for what they order. The website is user-friendly and highly detailed. Anyone can surf through the site and place an order by simply creating an account. The webpage has all the products, features, and prices. For bulk orders, an inquiry can be sent. Quadrex Corp delivers its Zero-air gas generators worldwide directly or via trusted representatives. The website neatly outlines all the distributors, grouped by location, along with their contact details. 

About Quadrex Corporation

Quadrex Corporation was established in 1976 by Dr. S.R. Lipsky, who researched gas chromatography. At present, the US-based company is a notable manufacturer of GC consumables, capillary columns, and gas generators for laboratories worldwide. With a rich history of research and study, their products guarantee the best quality. 


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