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As you explore the world of fashion around you, every little thing will be brand new fashion information right now. Complete your fashion statement in style with street shopping and knowing how to learn fashion designing at home.

Start to learn fashion designing by making sketches of designs that come to your mind daily. You don’t have to aim for perfection, especially at the start and you can begin by using pre-draw croquis instead of drawing your own to transfer the fashion designs more easily and quickly. Also, to learn fashion designing, start gathering details about the business from every end of the spectrum and research successful fashionistas associated with the business. Learn pop culture fashion and the history of fashion. Basically, to know how to learn fashion designing at home in Hindi, learn as much as you can about fashion and the fashion design industry.


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 Further, to become a fashion designer start learning how to sew and also how to construct garments. All this knowledge will help develop your understanding of fabrics as well as your ability to design garments that could be constructed. Continue to follow these things and your passion for fashion will grow.

Practically speaking, knowing how to learn fashion designing at home in Hindi will not be a very successful method if you aren't allowed to gather information from the outside. This is where street shopping comes in handy.

Let us now know about some of the famous places to go street shopping in India

1.Sarojini Nagar Market, New Delhi

This place is pretty much considered a shopping paradise by residents of Delhi. The Indian capital owes all its credit to the Sarojini Nagar marketplace for making this very place fashionably iconic. The market here is not only extremely budget-friendly but also welcomes all sorts of shoppers around the globe under one roof.

2.Linking Road, Mumbai

Linking Road is infamous for an endless variety of bags and shoes and is a must-shop pit stop for a fashion geek. This marketplace caters to a variety of fashions from ultra-chic urban looks to a casual hippie fashion and in case you have a soft spot for shoes and bags, this is the place where you can own a lot more items with just a little bargain.

3.New Market, Kolkata

Kolkata’s New Market caters to the need for everything fashionable from traditional red-bordered Bengali saree and authentic handmade Bengali fashion items to expensive chic dresses. This place is a heavenly abode for those who wish to learn fashion designing and are on the lookout for exclusive retail therapy. New Market has a lot to offer its visitors from dresses, jewellery, and make-up to lip-smacking food stops.

4.Commercial Street, Bangalore

The infamous Commercial street is the place where the fashion-savvy Nama Bengaluru gets their looks from. The Commercial street has got your back to cover all your fashion needs from the trendiest fashion accessories to the traditional look, shoes to souvenirs. If you are good at bargaining, you may pretty much end up with more than you asked for!

5.Pondy Bazar, Chennai

The excitement filled atmosphere at one of the most iconic shopping locations in Chennai, offers a true shopping experience to its visitors. At Pondy Bazar, you can find almost everything such as colourful skirts, traditional sarees, stylish scarves, junk jewellery and much more! While shopping, you can also enjoy the mouth-watering street food here to complete your ethereal experience.

6.Laad Bazar, Hyderabad

Laad Bazar, which is located near the legendary monument Charminar, is a celebrated tourist spot and a shopping dreamland. The market here offers an endless variety of colourful bangles. Apart from the bangles, you can find mesmerising zari clothes, sequined skirts, gemstones and pearls of all sorts. You can learn fashion designing by coming to this very place and understanding the different aspects of fashion designing by looking at all the things this place has to offer. This place in Hyderabad is an ideal destination to do wedding shopping.

7.Arpora Night Market, Goa

Goa is rightly considered the best host for great flea markets and Arpora Night Market might just be the ideal place for you. The market here starts at around 6 in the evening on Saturdays and remains open till dawn. This place is perfect for those who are on the hunt for bohemian Goan style.

8.Police Bazar Market, Shillong

The fashion of the North-East has enticed almost all of us and Police Bazar Market in Shillong gives exactly what is imagined of it. This place is beautifully nestled amongst the cool hills of Shillong and is literally a paradise for shopaholics, clothes lovers, accessories enthusiasts, artefact collectors and one who keepsakes souvenirs. Police Bazar Market has something for every shopper.

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9.Tibetan Market, Shimla

This marketplace is a winter wonderland where you can enjoy the cold weather while shopping for the best fashion wear or winter wear. Being true to its name, the Tibetan Market has a lot of Tibetan items in stock such as rugs, the traditional Chupa and all sorts of warm fashion items that are a must-have in your wardrobe.

10.Hazratganj Market, Lucknow

source: Outlook India

If you are fond of the Chikankari work, then Hazratganj Market in Lucknow is the perfect place for you. Since this market is a hub of exquisite Chikankari fabrics and apparel, even the renowned fashion designers from all over the globe source Chikankari fabrics from this very place. The Hazratganj market has retained the old-world charm of the Nawabs and offers some mind-blowing food joints where you can gorge on delectable tikkas and a variety of meat curries.


The more you explore these uncharted shopping places, the more minutely you will be able to look at the different aspects associated with fashion design, which in turn will help you know how to learn fashion designing at home.

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