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Exploring Different Types of Qualitative Research Methods for Your Study

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With every business trying to leverage various tactics to stay ahead of the competition, it is crucial to focus on delicate intricacies such as the nature of the market, industry trends, and product innovation. However, with market research, a business can catapult its growth manifolds. Qualitative market research emphasizes understanding consumer behavior rather than depending on metrics. Understanding the various types of qualitative research methods to deploy in research then becomes vital for any brand because the types of inputs received will help in formulating an effective marketing strategy. That said, continue reading as we discuss various types of qualitative research methods you can apply for your business.


Ethnography is a subfield of anthropology that focuses on the comprehensive study of particular cultures, examining cultural phenomena from the perspective of the subject of study. It is deployed to curate an in-depth understanding of various practices, opinions, and beliefs of customers from different cultures or ethnic groups. It is an open method that allows the researchers to explore unique perspectives rather than relying on the prevailing majoritarian notions. Since ethnography deals with customer groups directly, it is more applicable in the B2C research area than in B2B.


As the name suggests, phenomenology is a detailed study of comprehending a phenomena from an individual’s perspective (those experiencing them). Researchers try to interpret the subject’s actions, reactions, opinions, and beliefs in daily life situations. It is descriptive and one of the most tedious types of qualitative research methods. Conducting phenomenology is a long procedure with several delicacies, which is why it is advisable to seek some of the best market research companies rather than investing in an in-house research team.

Grounded Theory

Grounded theory is one of the renowned types of qualitative research methods that are deployed in many studies. It seeks to discover or construct theory from data that has been collected systematically and analyzed using comparative analysis. Though flexible to conduct, it involves various complexities, which is why it is advisable to contact a qualitative market research company that deploys the right methodology to provide actionable data.

Final Word

All these three methodologies are equally crucial and approach the target audience differently. However, the difference lies in when and where to deploy which methodology to collect valuable data as per the research objectives. Remember, qualitative market research studies the nature of consumer behavior. For effective results, sometimes researchers deploy a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods as required in the right proportion. If you are considering utilizing the proven potential of qualitative market research, consult a leading market research services company that provides a comprehensive research solution for both B2B and B2C segments.



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