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Exploring Maplitho Paper: An Overview of its Composition and Characteristics

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Maplitho paper is an uncoated, high-quality writing and printing paper known for its smooth surface and excellent printing capabilities. It is commonly used for stationery, letterheads, office documents, book printing, and other applications. Let's delve into an overview of its composition and characteristics:


Maplitho paper is typically made from chemical pulp derived from wood fibres. The pulp is processed to remove impurities and then subjected to various treatments to enhance its properties. The manufacturing process involves pressing the pulp to remove excess water, drying it into sheets, and then calendering the sheets between rollers to create a smooth surface.




  1. Smoothness: One of the defining characteristics of Maplitho paper is its smooth surface. This smoothness allows for excellent printability, making it suitable for printing techniques like offset, laser, and inkjet printing.


  1. Brightness: Maplitho paper is often relatively bright, which helps to improve the contrast and readability of printed text and images.


  1. Opacity: It offers good opacity and has a low see-through level. This property prevents the content on one side of the paper from showing through to the other, making it ideal for double-sided printing.


  1. Weight: Maplitho paper is available in a range of weights, typically measured in grams per square meter (gsm). Standard weights include 60 gsm, 70 gsm, 80 gsm, and higher. Heavier weights provide better durability and a more substantial feel.


  1. Thickness: Maplitho paper is thick enough despite its smoothness. It balances thickness and weight, giving it a substantial feel while still being lightweight enough for practical use.


  1. Archival Quality: Good quality Maplitho paper is often acid-free and lignin-free, making it resistant to yellowing and degradation over time. This archival quality ensures that documents printed on Maplitho paper will last longer. Buy Maplitho paper of such quality from JK Paper.


  1. Absorbency: Maplitho paper has a moderate absorbency level, allowing it to handle ink and toner well without excessive bleeding or smudging.


  1. Durability: It offers reasonable general office and writing durability. 


  1. Environmental Considerations: As with any paper product, the environmental impact depends on sourcing raw materials and the manufacturing process. Some Maplitho paper products may be made from sustainable sources and have eco-friendly certifications. JK Paper believes in sustainability and manufactures maplitho paper sustainably.

Overall, Maplitho paper's smoothness, brightness, and printability make it a popular choice for various printing and writing tasks. Its versatility and availability in different weights make it suitable for professional and personal use, contributing to its enduring popularity in the paper industry.


JK Paper, a leading supplier of Maplitho Paper, graces offices with its smooth elegance. From computer stationery to bills, invoices, and cashbooks, it leaves a mark of sophistication. Beyond the office, it dances creatively as leaflets, calendars, and writing pads, inspiring words and artistry to flourish upon its refined canvas.


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