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Exploring the best road-trip adventure with bike rentals in Bangalore

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Do you want to explore the raw beauty of Bangalore but don’t like to travel via bus or taxi? If yes, then Rentop offers you a simplified way to travel using bike rentals in Bangalore. Renting a bike is a unique concept which can add more pleasure to any travel. It’s a pleasurable way to commute faster around the city and places that you have never discovered before. However, one thing which escalates the significance of renting a two-wheeler is avoiding traffic congestion. A bike is easy to travel with convenience in traffic and it won’t put more load on your pockets. So, with Rentop you can begin the journey by choosing the bike of your choice.

Travel through the roads with affordable bike rentals

Whatever the reason is, renting a bike is the most valuable deal you can get from Rentop. We are the largest online marketplace to provide a countless range of two-wheelers to rent for travelling. So, it would certainly not drain your pockets and make your travel overly priced. Using the Rentop app, you can seek and compare the best prices for bikes and scooters. They are readily available to hire at fixed prices for the duration of day, week, or month. Moreover, we don’t get any security deposits for the rental services. So, you can make an affordable and valuable deal to meet your travel needs in a smooth manner.

Why choose Rentop two-wheeler rental app?

  • At Rentop, we understand the travel requirements of our customers thoroughly. Thus, we provide our shared-mobility solutions to meet their daily transportation and outdoor travel needs. Most local residents of Bangalore seek our services of bike rentals in Bangalore during weekends. They tend to explore the nearest places on the bike to enjoy an adventurous gateway. Our booking app gives them the utmost facility to get the service with full convenience. Thus, they don’t need to visit us physically to get the service as our app helps to select the bike to schedule doorstep delivery of bikes. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface to deliver the facility of swift booking for bikes. Therefore, when it comes to looking for the best rental bike deals, our Rentop app is the best platform.
  • In addition to this, our app is also helpful for those who want to offer their two-wheelers on rent to travellers to earn some extra bucks. So, if you want to become a host by adding your bike or scooter which you use occasionally, you can list it on our app. On receiving a rental request from a customer, we contact you to get the delivery of a two-wheeler to serve our customer. Thus, you can get the opportunity to earn through us with rental bikes.

Top reasons to rent a bike with Rentop

Working as a premier service for bike rentals, we present favourable deals to our customers. In Bangalore, we have established an identity to provide high-end travel solutions to our customers. Thus, by partnering with us, you can gain valuable outcomes as well as authenticated and accredited service to rent the bikes. Let’s explore a few reasons to consider Rentop for bike rentals in Bangalore.

  • Freedom to choose the bike

Unlike travelling by bus or taxi, you can seek varied options at your disposal with bike rental services. You don’t need to keep your choice restricted when it comes to travelling to your favourite destinations. At Rentop, we deliver you a smooth travelling experience by choosing the bike of your own choice. We hoist an innumerable range of the latest bike models to add a smooth riding experience to your travel. So, you can make a choice among Honda, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Java, and Harley Davidson bikes. In addition to this, we hold an immense choice of gearless scooters such as Activa, Destini, Jupiter, Fascino, Maestro, etc. Thus, you can choose your favourite bike to chase your destination in and around Bangalore.

  • Affordable rental options

Rentop gives you the immense pleasure of finding affordable bike renting solutions without any ownership hassles. Buying a new or second-hand bike comes with a lot of hassles such as paperwork, insurance and registration. Thus, you may be missing out on the opportunity for a road trip just due to a delay in RC updating your new bike or transferring ownership of a used bike. So, it’s always better to prefer bike rent to save time and dodge ownership hassles. Use the Rentop app and find a bike instantly to set for the road trip with your friends.

  • Stress-free rides

At Rentop, you can get a stress-free biking experience as all of our bikes are well-maintained and ready to use with free maintenance. Every ride that you opt for with us will include free of cost expert testing to ensure you have a premium and stress-free bike riding experience. In addition to this, you can have doorstep delivery of a rented bike as per your preferred pickup location. Therefore, you don’t need to take stress while travelling amidst the roads of Bangalore and outdoor spaces. You can hire bike rentals in Bangalore to serve your daily commute needs from home to work to home. Even, you can use it during your official business trip to Bangalore for ease of commute.

  • Affordable rental packages

We provide our customers with affordable rental packages that suit their budget preferences. We have rental bikes with the lowest prices in Bangalore starting just from 200-300 price per day. So, whether you want to get the bike for a single day, week, or month, you don’t have to end up with hefty prices. You can seek for weekly/monthly packages to get more discounted rates for the same. So, riding with Rentop not only brings you a joyful travel experience but also keeps you within budget.

  • Ride with zero advance payment

We believe that charging an advance payment from customers is considered disrespectful behaviour. We work with complete trust and transparency that enable us to develop long-run and healthy business relations. Thus, Rentop doesn’t believe in such a practice and offers rental services for bikes with zero advanced security. So, when you sign up for the rented bike options, you don’t need to pay anything as security to us. We just need an ID proof from you such as an Aadhaar Card for verification and handover of the bike. Thus, with Rentop, you just need to enrol for the weekly or monthly bike registration. We will take care of the rest of the services for your convenience.

  • Ride as long as you can

A biking adventure is one which should never end on a few miles. Also, you might not want to just ride it across a local area in Bangalore. So, at Rentop, we offer the prestige of riding without kilometre limits. Thus, our bike rentals in Bangalore let you travel as long as you want to drive. You don’t need to think about returning of bike even when your plan has changed suddenly. You can simply increase your rental tenure using the Rentop app to get a ride with unlimited km. We don’t put any restrictions on your travel so you can ride the bike to far places as well.

A few tips for our customers from Rentop

It is irrefutably true that renting a bike could save you money and time along with adding valuable joy to your rides. But you should always keep in mind some useful things to avoid discrepancies in renting bikes. So, here we have mentioned some tips you should follow for a safe and flawless biking experience.

A. Evaluating the prices

Once you have rented a bike, you can ride across diverse destinations from Bangalore. It won’t let you face any trouble on your way towards your preferred destination. But you should always evaluate the prices for the rental bike before hiring. The market in Bangalore is flooded with many local bike rental services. But you should only trust the best which is Rentop. We have an accredited app which enables you to check and compare the prices efficiently. Thus, you can make a choice for a bike which suits your budget and prevents you from hefty charges.

B. Understand the terms and conditions

Rentop always keeps transparency for bike rental services which means we have clearly mentioned terms and conditions for our bike rentals in Bangalore. So, you should go through them properly and understand the same. We provide you with a complimentary driver’s helmet. But you have to tell us if you need a second helmet for the co-rider. Similarly, bearing the fuel expense for the bike is solely your responsibility. We only provide you with a bike with petrol in the tank as per your travel requirements.

C. Choose the right bike

For local commutes in Bangalore, you can choose a non-geared bike which offers ease of driving. For long-mile rides, geared bikes are perfect due to speed, power, and mileage. So, whatever you want, Rentop is the all-inclusive solution.


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