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Exploring the Melodic Journey: A Comprehensive Guide to All Seventeen Albums and Eleven IVE Album

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In the ever-evolving landscape of K-pop, few groups have managed to capture the hearts of fans globally like Seventeen. With a discography spanning multiple genres and showcasing their versatility, the group has released a total of seventeen albums, each a unique chapter in their musical journey. In addition to Seventeen, the rookie girl group IVE has also made waves with their debut album, Eleven IVE. In this article, we delve into the melodic odyssey of these two remarkable groups, providing an in-depth guide to all Seventeen albums and the debut album from IVE. 

All Seventeen Albums: 

Seventeen's musical trajectory is a testament to their creativity and innovation within the K-pop industry. From their debut album, “17 Carat,” to their latest release, each album reflects a different facet of the group's evolving identity. Fans can explore the energetic beats of “Teen, Age,” the introspective lyrics of “An Ode,” and the enchanting melodies of “Heng:garae.” 

The journey continues with albums like “Love & Letter,” “Going Seventeen,” and “Al1,” each contributing a unique flavor to Seventeen's discography. The group's ability to seamlessly transition between genres, from pop and R&B to EDM and hip-hop, keeps fans eagerly anticipating each new release. 

For a comprehensive collection of all Seventeen albums, fans can visit the official Catchop CD website dedicated to Seventeen at https://www.catchopcd.net/seventeen. The website offers a one-stop destination for enthusiasts looking to complete their Seventeen album collection, with a wide range of options and special editions available. 

Eleven IVE Album: 

As the latest addition to the K-pop scene, IVE has quickly garnered attention with their debut album, “Eleven IVE.” Comprising eleven tracks that showcase the group's vocal prowess and dynamic performance skills, this album marks the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable journey for the girl group. 

Eleven Ive Album” introduces listeners to IVE's signature sound, characterized by catchy hooks, powerful vocals, and a blend of contemporary pop and R&B influences. From the title track, “ELEVEN,” to the closing notes of “LOVE DIVE,” each song on the album contributes to the overall narrative of IVE's musical identity. 

For those eager to explore the vibrant world of IVE, the Catchop CD website dedicated to Seventeen also features the debut album of IVE at https://www.catchopcd.net/seventeen. Here, fans can find various editions and versions of “Eleven IVE,” ensuring they can immerse themselves in the group's debut masterpiece. 


In the realm of K-pop, the journey of a group is often marked by the albums they release. Seventeen's extensive discography and IVE's promising debut album are testaments to the evolving nature of the genre. Whether you're a seasoned Carat (Seventeen's fandom name) or a new fan exploring the sounds of IVE, the Catchop CD website provides a convenient platform to delve into the captivating musical worlds of both groups. Embrace the melodies, explore the lyrics, and complete your collection of all Seventeen albums and the debut album of IVE. 


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