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The heart of an Everpure H54 drinking water system is the cartridge itself. These systems, which are ideal not only for homes but small businesses, deliver exceptional, commercial-quality results.

But what does an Everpure H54 water filter cartridge offer? Let’s parse the details and point you in the right direction in case you ever want to install one of these systems in your home.

Everpure H54 Specifications and Performance.
Outwardly, the Everpure H54 cartridge is encased in Pentair Everpure’s signature metal canister, which is extremely durable and which helps protect against splitting and bursting. It also features a food-grade liner that prevents water from contacting the canister.

Inwardly, however, is where the magic happens. Each Everpure H54 filter cartridge is coated along the inside with a pleated surface treated with exclusive Micro-Pure filtering material, capable of removing sediment and particulate matter down to 1/50,000th of an inch.

These filter cartridges adsorb common, off-tasting, and smelling odors, delivering crisp, fresh, clear, great-tasting water. They also help prevent lime and scale buildup.

In addition to removing off-putting tastes and odors and filtering out particulate matter, Everpure H54 cartridges can protect against a number of other factors.

They are NSF 53 certified for health effects for the removal of lead and microbial cysts from water. Not only are they guaranteed to reduce lead contamination to safe levels, but they can also filter out microbial cysts, such as those of Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Everpure H54 cartridges also satisfy NSF Standard 42 for aesthetic effects, capable of removing chlorine and chloramine from water, both of which produce unpleasant tastes and odors. The same standard guarantees their ability to remove particulate matter from the water.

These Everpure filter cartridges can also remove oxidized iron and manganese, both of which can produce unpleasant metallic tastes, or worse, leave stains on appliances and fixtures. H54 cartridges can also reduce levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium which results in scale formation, further protecting fixtures and appliances.

Moreover, these systems can reduce dirt, rust, mold, algae, and other particulate matter that causes cloudiness or turbidity and makes the water look, taste, or smell unpleasant.

These filters are long-lasting, too, rated to 750 gallons and delivering a flow rate of a half-gallon per minute. They are an economical means to deliver clearer, purer, better-tasting water to your family and patrons.

For the benefit of users, these filters come with a time strip filter monitor to offer a useful reminder as to when it’s time to change the filter. (Keep in mind that the flow rate will fluctuate naturally and a temporarily diminished flow rate does not necessarily indicate that it is time to change the filter.)

These filter systems are also easy to install and replace. Perhaps most importantly, each H54 filter cartridge comes with a 12-month warranty, so you can enjoy peace of mind in addition to crystal clear, pure water that not only looks but tastes great.

So the only question that remains is – where can you get one?

Where Can You Get Everpure H54 Filter Cartridges?
If you’re interested in delivering crisp, clear, pure water to your family or patrons and are thinking about installing an Everpure H54 filtration system as a means to that end, visit efilters.net.

Not only do they offer great prices on both residential and commercial water filtration systems (and replacement cartridges) but they also have a variety of useful educational materials that offer insights into system installation, cartridge replacement, and much more.

Visit their website and if you need more guidance (or have questions) get in touch with them at info@efilters.net.

For More Information about Everpure Water Filter and Everpure ROM III Please Visit : Efilters.


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