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Extended Warranty for Two Wheelers

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When you fall sick, what do you do? Go to the doctor and get diagnosed, consume medicines as advised, and get back on your feet. In order to avoid the aforementioned situation, we try to boost our immunity and not fall sick. Similarly in the case of automotive two-wheelers, one opts for an extended warranty so that the vehicle condition is maintained at optimum and is periodically serviced and overhauled as and when required. VOC – the best bike service centre is introducing for the first time in the two-wheeler industry of the country, coverage which covers standard warranty parts to increase the life of the vehicle.

Unique warranty offered by VOC, for its valued customers to protect the cost of replacements of your two-wheelers part and labour charges, subject to terms and conditions. The parts that are covered: Cylinder head, Cam chain / Tension, Cylinder, Oil pump, Generator, Crank case, Crank shaft / Piston, Transmission, Gear shift, Brakes, Fuel cock, Gauge fuel, CDI Unit, Ignition coil, Rectifier comb, Regulator, power relay, Flasher unit, ECU, all sensors, Swing arm, Actuators, throttle body, Injector, ISG, HECU, and ESAI.

The bike service is done by an expert technician at VOC. The benefits entail the following: Fast and efficient quality spares, highest service standards followed. Cost savings as major replacements are included in the Warranty. What is more amazing is, that even if the vehicle changes hands, the warranty is valid for the period mentioned. The extended warranty is valid across all the locations of only VOC.

The USP’s of the extended warranty for two-wheelers can be listed as:
  • Major parts are covered at minimum cost
  • Reliable and genuine spare parts
  • Throughout India validity
  • Easy network reach with fingertips
  • Service by expert technicians
  • Transferable, if the vehicle changes hands
  • 70+ Standard parts covered
  • Fast and efficient quality replacement up to 1 / 2 years
  • Cost saving as major replacements included in the subscription
  • The highest service standards adhered
  • Peace of mind as applicable across all the VOC networks in India
  • Cost saving as major replacements included in the subscription
  • Enhances resale value

VOC – the preeminent bike service centre is the one-stop solution for all your two-wheeler service needs and requirements. The organisation creates a value proposition for the customers and channel partners through our digital service centres, pan India. VOC offers unique product subscription plans to provide cost-effective services to clients.

The VOC promise ensures that all the customers get the same hassle-free, cost-effective, and quality service all over the country. Well-thought subscription plans and digitally-enabled subscription options have been curated and designed for our customers. VOC provides time-effective, quick servicing solutions, with impeccable quality with every service. This has proven to be way better than the traditional service model. Mulling on servicing your two-wheeler? Think no further than VOC – the best bike service centre in Bangalore!



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