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Extensions for the Ponytail – FAQs

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Can you cut the extension for me?


Clip-in ponytails often come in a 20-inch length, but a hairstylist can cut them to the desired length for you. You can cut your extensions like your own hair because they are composed of 100% Remy human hair.

Can i wash it just like my own hair?

The black ponytail extension should only be washed after 30 uses if the product buildup is so great that they are difficult to style.

Use alcohol and sulfate-free hair products and deep conditioning treatment by using hair conditioner  for a few hours or even overnight while washing your ponytail to restore the hair's hydration.



It is possible to style the ponytail extension the same way as your natural hair because it is created from Remy human hair.

Apply a heat protectant and a maximum temperature of 120C/250F while styling your hair.

Ponytail extensions – how to remove

Velcro is used to hold the extension around your natural ponytail, and an attached part of the hair is used to hide the extension.

There won't be anyone else to know about it.

How do they keep their information safe?

Small combs attached to ponytail extensions slide under your hair elastic to keep the hair in place.

The ponytail is held in place by a velcro foundation that snaps together.

Two matching bobby pins are used to hold the hair around the base for a final touch.

Can the ponytail extensions come off or be undone?


We ensure that your ponytail extension is securely attached using two matching bobby pins and a Velcro base.  So don't be afraid to unleash your inner Ariana Grande and wiggle your ponytail!

Can anyone tell i'm wearing a faux ponytail outfit?


As with all hair extensions, your final look will be natural, and the extensions will be completely unnoticeable. ‘

You can conceal the ponytail extension's base thanks to the longer hair stand linked to the ponytail and the additional bobby pins.

When will the ponytail be off my face

From the crown of your head, we recommend taking a 20-inch measurement down to the base of your ponytail (or where you will be tying your hair up).

Your ponytail extension will be able to fit in with this measurement.

Remember, the lower the pony, the longer it will be.

How long does it take to apply?

Hair ponytail extensions, like the rest of our extensions, can be applied in as little as a few minutes.

You can have a longer, thicker ponytail in less than 5 minutes with a bit of work.

What is the minimum length of my hair?

It should be long enough to tie your hair into a bun or a ponytail (either low, medium, or high).

There must already be a bun or ponytail in place for the Hair Ponytail Extension to attach to.

Are there different care instructions available?

No,  Clip-In and Halo hair extensions require the same level of maintenance.

The fewer times you wash your extensions, the longer they will last you. Extensions are no different.

If you're not sure how often to wash your Ponytail Extensions, go with your gut.

You should wash your hair if you notice that it's becoming more difficult to style because of product buildup.



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