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Painting in oils has long been a mysterious process, believed by the public to be reserved for the few and the eccentric. Artists and their lives have always been an unusual breed, but painting a large collection of original oil paintings was also a surefire way to embark on immortality. The paintings will always be there, on a journey through history, with your name on them! So by that definition, it is definitely a noble profession. Think Dali, van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrandt and da Vinci. Each enjoys a high reputation for what others would consider arts and crafts. And her reputation only grows over time. What other job offers this opportunity? So who laughed last? Van Gogh did that, of course. He will be forever immortalized as one of the greatest people who ever lived. Not bad for someone who has never made a dime in their life. But in the age of the internet and the global market, artists no longer have to go hungry. I'm not starving and I make money doing what I love. I can also work anywhere, whether I'm on vacation or traveling to exotic locations. That's what I like most about it. I can do whatever I want, wherever I want and put a painting for sale from Ibiza, Paris, London… or Omaha. I wouldn't trade with anyone. And neither will you if you work at it and see it as a way to bring beauty to the world and get paid for it!


The purpose of this article is to unravel the mystery from the painting process. This article was written just to get you started. I will write more detailed techniques later. But this article will get you on the path to experimenting with color and having fun. In the end it's like everything in this world. Before you have the knowledge, it's complicated. But once you have it, it's easy! Knowledge is power, and this phenomenon definitely applies to painting. The technical aspects are the easy part. Anyone can do it. With practice, you could eventually be as capable as Monet. We humans can do whatever we choose! Deciding WHAT to paint is the hard part. It requires discipline and a very special desire to create one painting at a time. For some reason I was hooked from the first moment. And I've never looked back. I love it today as much as I did over 16 years ago. I also never have “writer's block” when it comes to what to paint. I just paint from my life experiences. So don't think about it too much. Paint the apple on the table or the tree in your own garden, paint your girlfriend in an unusual way. But paint something that means something to you, that's all that matters. Make it funky, make it interesting. If it is abstract, remember that abstract art has long been the most desirable. It is an expression of the individual that makes it unique. For those who want realism, take a picture. The amazing thing is that once you do, you realize it's the ultimate escape to happiness. Suddenly, for that period of time, you forget your problems. You are in control and no one can take it away from you once you are proficient at painting. The process is addicting. But as with anything, you have to START! And once you've done it, be careful… you'll be amazed.


Alright, let's get started. Step one… supplies. You will need a flat brush, a fan, a small detail brush and some hazelnuts. A hazelnut brush is a rounded-edged brush that allows you to easily maneuver the color without going over the edges. Ultimately, though, buy brushes you like and make them work. Fans enable mixing, for example. I often use fans and this is how I shape the colors in my paintings. Everything I paint is by hand…no airbrush or wizard. I want it to be an expression of me and no one else. You will also need an oil painting medium that you mix with the oil paint to make it more fluid and speed up or slow down the drying process. Whatever you prefer. Go to the art store and don't be afraid to ask for help. They will be happy to help you! A medium is simply an additive 918kiss liquid that increases gloss, facilitates fluidity, preserves the finish over time and prevents yellowing . I personally love Galkyd and Galkyd Lite. If that's not available, buy a medium that looks like liquid amber and is a bit thick. Don't buy media that looks watery. They are too difficult to process.


The Lite version of Galkyd is simply thinner

The Lite version of Galkyd is simply thinner. I use it more than the other. I love it. Paintings I made with galkyd resin 16 years ago look just as pristine as the day I painted them. You will also need a canvas and some paint. I buy a tube of red, green, blue, purple, yellow, brown, white and black. I prefer the so-called ivory black and a smooth blend of white, as white is added to many different colors to make lighter versions. From these basic colors you can make any exotic color by mixing them in combinations . Be creative and experiment. And don't be afraid of color, because color is the most popular in museums! The luminous paintings have historically been crowd pleasers. As for the color variety of these primary colors, mix red and white to make pink, yellow to green to make lime green, white to blue to make light blue, white to black to make grey, etc. Use your common sense and play with it! You will also need pencils, an eraser and some turpentine or white spirit. Soak your brushes in it in a plastic cup so they're clean and ready for your next color choice… and to keep them from drying out .


Now decide WHAT you want to paint. Very important… You do NOT have to be able to draw. That's the great thing about painting: You can create something even if you've never had any lessons. Don't get me wrong, the art school is great. But don't let that stop you from being creative. You don't need a teacher to teach you how to create something. You'll need to master a few basic techniques, but let your imagination run wild! When you decide what to paint, visit some artist websites or google famous artists for inspiration. The same applies here: Don't let a lack of training keep you from painting! Many of the great artists of the past were also untrained. Many can't draw stick figures, but they can paint because the colors give you amazing possibilities of expression! You can also visit my websites below or google me to see all the crazy works I've created. My personal preference has been to create a wide variety of work to keep it interesting and eclectic. I didn't want to be the artist who just paints one thing at a time. It's boring to me and it should be boring to you too. Every well-known artist of the past has a wide variety of works. You'll also find that it makes it more interesting for you while you're doing it because you'll never get bored and constantly wonder how it's going to turn out.


Step two:

Now roughly draw with paint on the canvas what you want to create. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be perfect. Your cool application of paint from your innermost imagination makes it look good. If you get something wrong with the pen, just erase it and start over. Warning: Resist the urge to simply copy an artist's painting from the past. This is career suicide and so boring. You are smart, make your own art. It's much more interesting and unique. A copy of a painting from the past is there for the sole purpose of making you look like a copycat, and who needs that on their resume? Remember that deciding WHAT to paint is the hardest part. But once you get in the flow, it will come to you, I promise. Painting from your own life is the best career advice as a painter. The truth is more bizarre than fiction anyway. And I think people would rather know what they're seeing than just paint a solid layer of red and call it art. Be creative, go with the flow and don't overthink it. Paint what you want to paint and the world will eventually find it interesting. After all, it's YOUR art. Painting nature is always a good idea as nature never goes out of style.


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