In this Ezoic review, I will be talking about the Ezoic platform and how it has helped me increase my Ad revenue on

This is my attempt to explain my experience with Ezoic so that other content creators in this community can also benefit from the same.

Let’s dive into what is blog monetization and why it is important and finally talk about the Ezoic platform and how it is different from the rest.

  • Google Certified Publishing Partner
  • AI based Ad Optimization
  • 200% Increase in Ad Revenue

How to earn more from your website?

Advertising is critical to transforming your blog into a money-making machine. However, how do you do that?

Any blogger that I have met over the course of my blogging journey always asks this same question. “How do I earn more from my website?”

Now, there are a few different avenues for bloggers to earn money from their sites.

Some bloggers, when they get a big enough audience, start selling their own merchandise like e-books, or t-shirts.

Some bloggers even teach paid online courses to other amateur bloggers, but these income sources are riskier.

Easier earning solutions for bloggers can be affiliate marketing and brand collaborations. Affiliate marketing refers to, when a blogger gets paid to share links for other products/services on their platform.

Brand collaborations can be in the form of paid reviews or product placements in the blog content.

These income sources are high-paying and can be quite lucrative for bloggers, but it is not very consistent.

A blogger may not get a brand deal every month or his affiliate sales might drop unexpectedly.

Most bloggers therefore look for a more consistent source of revenue. This is where advertisements come in.

Bloggers can place some ads on their sites and then earn money from it.

But if you truly want to earn more from your website using advertisements, it’s important to first build a substantial following.

How to Increase Ad Revenue

Pick the Correct Ad Type and the Right Ad Network

Ad optimization is very important for the success of any blog monetization scheme. This optimization process has to begin with picking the right kind of ads for the site. There are three different types of blog ads to choose from:

  • PPI – Pay per impression. These ads basically pay bloggers depending on the number of visitors who see the ad through the blog page.
  • PPC – Pay per click. These ads pay bloggers depending on how many visitors click on the advertisement link from the blog page.
  • PPA – Pay per action. These ads pay bloggers only when customers make a certain action after seeing an ad on a blog page.

PPA ads pay the most, followed by PPC and PPI. But for bloggers who are just starting out and trying to increase ad revenue for the first time, any kind of ads will do.

Generally, even seasoned bloggers often go for PPI ads because these are the most common and provide the most consistent source of income.

But how do bloggers get any of these ads in the first place?

Well, previously bloggers used to think that Google AdSense was the only ad network service out there.

But that idea is now slowly losing relevance due to the appearance of many new ad networks in the market.

According to my research and experience, Ezoic may be the best of the bunch by a long shot.

What is Ezoic and what will be covered in this Ezoic review?

Now while most bloggers describe Ezoic as just an ad network, in reality it is much more than that.

Ezoic is actually a machine learning powered platform that uses a variety of AI tools.

Its tools are designed to help bloggers monetize their site better.

Ezoic AI tools perform ad optimization. They help bloggers choose the perfect ad types, ad placements, ad sizes and ad networks for their blogs.

The ultimate goal of Ezoic is to increase the ad revenue of bloggers and make the user-experience more seamless for website visitors.

Ezoic has a free trial version that lasts a month and after that Ezoic starts taking a very small percentage of the ad revenue from the blog.

I will discuss Ezoic’s pricing plan in detail in a separate section.  

Now, before I delve deeper into the nitty-gritty of the Ezoic review I would like to point out that Ezoic is a ‘Certified Publishing Partner of Google’ which means that it is completely authentic and a legitimate platform.

Ezoic Review: My Favorite Tools

Ezoic has a large dashboard of AI tools. But over the course of my usage, I have found that I turn to some of these tools more frequently than the others:

  • Ad Tester

Ad testing is a great way for a blogger to find out what works and what doesn’t work for their audience.

Ezoic Ad Tester is a great ad testing tool for bloggers as it gives them full control over what kind of ads they want to test and why.

The Ezoic ad tester uses machine learning to find the best ad locations, ad types and ad densities for a particular blogger.

But in order to extract this data, the ad tester has to run a number of experiments. The blog publisher however has control over the end-goal of these experiments.

You can choose experiments that maximize your revenue or you can choose ad experiments that will help you increase your audience engagement.

If at any point I find my revenue is not at the level I expect it to be, I prefer to run a few ad tests and check what improvements I can make.

Over the last few years, I have found this Ezoic Ad Tester to be a very blogger-friendly tool that gives you complete control of what you want to do with your site.

  • Site Speed

This is another essential tool in my Ezoic tool box. I use this tool all the time to improve my page loading time.

A quick loading page is very important for a blog to hold on to the visitor’s attention and keep them on the site.

Slow loading sites will have visitors shifting to another blog in just a few seconds.

After using my Ezoic Site Speed tool I have found that my page speed scores on Google consistently stay above average.

  • Big Data Analytics

Everyone works hard to earn their keep and transparency in terms of money matters is very important for most people.

The same was true for me. While Google AdSense gave me all kinds of analytics and data, there was EPMV data.

EPMV is earnings per 1000 visits and is one of the most crucial metrics for blog publishers to understand how much they can earn from their site.

Ezoic Big Data Analytics tool gives clear EPMV values and also shows what demographics of visitors are contributing how much to the EPMV.

I often consult this big data analytics tools to decide on what kind of content I should focus on to attract my target demographic.

How Will Ezoic Change Your Website’s Ad Optimization Strategy?

  • Ad Placement

In blogs where readers have to concentrate and follow the flow of thoughts of the blogger, ads popping up in random locations in between paragraphs can be very off putting for the reader.

Good ad placement means choosing the right location for ad banners so that it doesn’t disrupt the user’s reading experience while still keeping the ads prominent and visible.

Ezoic tools are great at finding the perfect ad placement for different types of blog content.

  • Ad Density

A common mistake I have seen many of my industry peers make is to add too many ads to their site all at once to increase their revenue.

But it is important to understand that too many ads can have a very detrimental impact on the user’s experience.

If a blog visitor feels that the blog is simply a mechanism to sell them a wide variety of products and services, it is highly unlikely that they will visit the site again or even interact with any of the ads.

Too many ads reduce the credibility of the blogs and the effectiveness of the advertisements.

Ezoic ad tools help bloggers determine the right ad density for their blog audience.

  • Increased Ad Engagement

As we have already discussed above, while ad impressions do pay, it is always more economical for the blogger if they can get their audience to interact with the ads that they post.

But the audience only engages with ads that they are somewhat interested in.

Ezoic analytics tools help blog publishers understand the demographics of their audience and the kind of products/services that they would be potentially interested in.

This ultimately helps the blogger to pick ads that will pique the interest of their blog audience and increase engagement.

Ezoic Pricing: How Much Will You Pay?

If you have read this far into my Ezoic review you are probably dying to know how much all these tools and services are supposed to cost.

When I began my journey with Ezoic it was with a completely free one-month trial.

Here I got to try out a range of Ezoic services and learnt the benefits of shifting to Ezoic. At this point I was keeping 100% of the revenue I was earning from the ads on my blog.

But then after the first month was over, Ezoic started taking the revenue from one single ad banner at the bottom of my blog page.

I still wasn’t paying anything directly to Ezoic for their services. Now blog creators can continue on this free plan for as long as they want.

They can join Ezoic or leave their service as and when they wish with no extra cost.

But as my website continued to grow, I decided to shift to Ezoic’s paid premium plans.

Ezoic has updated their premium plans in the last few years, so I will try to highlight here their latest updated premium plans from 2022.

  • There are three types of plans – starter, growth and 3 star
  • Each plan has a different cost and Ezoic also gives an estimate of how much the blogger can expect to earn from their investment
  • Each plan again has three sub-plans – basic, preferred and elite. Costs rise from basic to elite and service features may also vary
  • The primary advantage of these paid premium plans is that bloggers will get priority access to many premium ad campaigns. This is very useful in increasing ad engagement

What are the requirements for joining the Ezoic platform?

Not everyone is eligible for all the premium tiers on Ezoic.

Ezoic lists their minimum eligibility requirements for each premium tier.

Generally, it is a certain number of visitors to the site, or a certain amount of monthly revenue.

Now Ezoic has even introduced a feature where as the revenue from the site grows, the blogger is automatically upgraded across the premium plans.

On the other hand, if due to some reason like irregularity of content, or due to global events, the blogger sees a decline in their revenue their premium plan is automatically downgraded.

This means that a blog publisher is never paying more than they can afford to for their ad revenue.

Ezoic builds a very symbiotic relationship with their blog publishers where they constantly prioritize the net income of the publisher.

Another important point I want to make here is that there is a basic eligibility criterion for the Ezoic free plan as well.

Blog publishers should have at least 10,000 monthly visitors in order to be eligible for an Ezoic account.

This rule has been put in place in order to ensure that there is enough data from the blog site for the Ezoic AI tools to operate effectively.

Opening an Ezoic account does require bloggers to conform to Google and Ezoic ad policies, but the approval proves is much faster than Google AdSense which can take upto months just to approve a blog for posting ads.

How Has Ezoic Increased My Earnings?

I am sure that a many of you started reading this article when you read that Ezoic can increase your ad revenue by 200%.

Now this is no exaggeration. I am speaking from personal experience as well as researching several Ezoic reviews by different blog publishers.

Using the Ezoic tools can truly transform how a blogger earns from their content.

In the first month of starting to use Ezoic itself, my ad revenue shot up 200% and this increasing trend has continued for me over the years as I have kept using Ezoic.

Now of course every blogger will not have the same experience.

Many factors like their audience demographics, their type of content will all play a role in their total ad revenue income.

But as per most Ezoic reviews and customer testimonials, all Ezoic blog publishers can hope to increase their revenue anywhere between 50 and 200%.

Ezoic’s business model works on the idea that the more you earn, the more they are also able to earn from you.

This is visible in their premium plan packages too. The more a person spends on their plan, the better campaigns they get access to and the more is their expected revenue.

Most publishers are very easily able to meet the expected revenue income listed with the Ezoic premium plans.

Some Other Reasons Why I Chose Ezoic

Here are some other benefits of Ezoic that I have come across while using their service:

  • Dedicated Account Manager

As soon as you open up your Ezoic account you are assigned a dedicated account manager.

This manager will keep you abreast of all new Ezoic plans and features, they will help you pick out your best premium/free plan and will overall act as your supporter and partner to grow you blog.

The account manager will respond to you through tele-conferences or email threads and I have always received very prompt responses from my manager.

  • Great Customer Service

Apart from my account manager, Ezoic in general has a great customer service.

Whenever I needed help with any specific tools there was always someone available to guide me through the process.

The Ezoic customer service makes troubleshooting any website issues very easy for even technically novice blog creators.

A Few Cons of Ezoic

Of course, just like any other service, Ezoic too has certain drawbacks, and not mentioning these will keep my Ezoic review incomplete.

Ezoic generally has a more detailed analytics breakup than Google AdSense, but it does not show EPC or earnings per click.

This data is available on Google AdSense and can be a useful metric for blog publishers in certain scenarios.

But the EPMV data given by Ezoic more or less makes up for this absence. Another feature that I think Ezoic lacks is that the analytics tools do not show which position placement for ads is doing better than the others.

Ezoic analytics puts a lot of importance on ad placement and helps choose good placement locations within the blog, but no comparative data is available for different positions.

If this analytical data was available then bloggers would be able to place the more lucrative, revenue earning ads in the better positions.

Now to the big question!! How do I increase my Ad revenue on Ezoic?

Increasing Your Ad Revenue using Ezoic

For a quick recap, we got to look into what the Ad Revenue is, how it works, how much ad revenue can be made by a website and how to generate ad revenue on Ezoic.

Afterwards, I will detail how to increase your Ad Revenue up to 200% as I did. 

So what is Ad Revenue?

Ad revenue is simply the revenue earned by individuals and businesses by showing sponsored adverts on their websites, social media channels, and other venues where their internet-based content is displayed.

You notice that some blogs can offer you content to read and explore for free without any access charges. That is mostly because they are always sponsored by revenue accumulated from their ads.

But how does it work?

Given that this is an Ezoic review, I will be explaining how ad revenue works on the Ezoic platform.

First, sign up your website on to the Ezoic platform (I have briefly described how to do that in the early section of this Ezoic review ) and ensure that you agree to monetize your content.

Then, proceed to embed ads onto your web page so that they are positioned explicitly for easy view by visitors to your website.

The type and number of ads you choose to display entirely depend on you.

And that’s it.

Simple and easy, right?

Immediately after a month, you receive payments for the number of ads on your website.

However, to have an advantage on Ezoic, it's advisable to install their WordPress plugin to link Ezoic to your website.

I have had a wonderful journey with using Ezoic tools for my blog ad revenue.

No more spending hours manually working on ad optimization, the Ezoic AI tools take care of it all for me.

I have been able to use Ezoic to increase my revenue as well as my number of visitors to the point where now I am a regular Ezoic premium plan user.

Now let’s get right into talking about how I could increase my ad revenue by 200% within a short period.

Just by following these tips, you are sure to see for yourself, within a short time, the advantage of using Ezoic to optimize your ads and ultimately generate proceeds from it. Here we go:

  1. Keep your native ad units switched on continually because they help promote editorial or sponsored stories for your website.
  2. Ensure that your Ezoic ads are constantly wrapped, mainly if you have once used another ad network such as Google AdSense.
  3. Try as much as possible to consistently add more placeholders where your ads are allowed to appear, increasing the variety of size options, higher competition for ad space, expanded ad auctions and prices.
  4. Ensure that Ezoic cache is continually switched on to speed up your website and consequently improve search engine optimization of your ads.
  5. You should regularly pay attention to the actual metrics that affect ad bids, such as “NAV Bounce” and “Engaged Page Views Per Visit”. These two metrics ensure that you are well aware of how many visitors viewed and actively engaged your web page, and this you can track on a daily or weekly basis.
  6. You must keep your website consistently updated with new, interesting, attractive,  and long-term impressive content that builds up and maintain a regular traffic. More visitors means increased viewing of your well-positioned ads and ultimately increased ad revenue.
  7. Given that a high number of potential visitors to your web page are always visiting through their mobile phones, you can boost your web page traffic by optimizing your content for viewing on mobile devices. You can attempt to view your web page on your mobile device to feel what it looks like. Based on your observation, you can make it more user-friendly on mobile devices.
  8. Continuously optimize your Ezoic payment settings so that they have an array of payment channels that fit your country or region.
  9. Finally, take good advantage of ad.txt files by keeping them switched on because they can improve the earning per thousand visitors of your displayed ads.

If you are a blogging content creator who is ready to give up on your dreams because of lack of remuneration for your efforts, then I urge you to try out Ezoic at least once.

It’s free, easy and highly effective.

Its basic principle is simple, it analyses data and then suggests decisions based on that data.

It’s a completely transparent and legitimate system to monetize your creative effort.


Here are two frequently asked questions of crucial relevance to this Ezoic review article.

How much can you earn with Ezoic?

How much each individual blogger can earn depends entirely on their blog content and their audience.

But the highest tier of revenue earners on Ezoic with the 3-star premium plan can earn anywhere between $165 and $210 per month on $110 of investment.

Their net profit will be $55 to $100 monthly.

Is Ezoic better than Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is the most well known and widely used source of ad revenue.

But it has a cumbersome approval process, advertisement optimization is manual and difficult to implement and revenue earnings usually remain very low and stagnant.

On the other hand, Ezoic has a faster approval system, and a machine learning driven ad optimization system for revenue maximization.

According to a broad survey of Ezoic reviews, bloggers generally earn much more after shifting to Ezoic from AdSense.

  • Google Certified Publishing Partner
  • AI based Ad Optimization
  • 200% Increase in Ad Revenue


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