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Since the spread of the Covid-19 virus has become an emerging health problem all around the world, to slow down its devastating effects on societies and economies, World Health Organization (WHO) has imposed many guidelines. These guidelines include wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing, adopting of virtual work culture, and many more. Among all these guidelines, face mask detection is one of the innovative technology which can help in identifying the number of people wearing a face mask, regulating proper social distancing, and preventing a huge mass from the severity of the infection. The facemask detection technology is operated with the use of different programming languages and software such as Python, Deep-Learning, Tensor Flow, Keras, OpenCV, and many more. Before diving in deep about facemask detection, let’s start with some fundamentals.

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How does a Face Mask Detector Function?

Generally, face mask technology is proposed to function with the help of computer vision and deep learning. In this methodology, at first, the user has to subscribe to the face mask alert app on their smartphones or other electronic gadgets. After that, they need to add their personal camera link to the app. Then the user has to allow access to receive the alerts or notifications when someone around is not wearing the mask. In addition, the users can also send messages to the admin when they found someone violating the rules of wearing masks.

What are the Key Features of the Facemask Detection System?

As the face mask detection system is equipped with much-advanced technology such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, it has multi-functionality properties. Out of many some key features are listed below:

  • Multi-Channel Recognition– The face mask detection system has the features of attaching multiple cameras to retrieve the AI potentiality of recognizing faces. This critical process can be instantly computed within a few minutes.
  • Sending Alert Automatically– The system has the potential to recognize faces and send deliver SMS alerts or notifications to the users by detecting the faces who are not wearing masks.
  • No Need to Install New Hardware– The systems can efficiently work on any existing RTPS camera, without the installation of any new cameras. This feature saves installation and maintenance costs.

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What are the Use Cases of the Face Mask Detection System?

These face mask detection systems are broadly used in the crowded sector to protect the millennials from the deadly infection of the coronavirus. Out of many, some of the major areas where this system is broadly used, are listed below:

  • Airports– With the rise of the Covd-19 pandemic, the use of a face mask detection system is quite needed because this is the place where chances of the spread of the virus are high. The facemask detection system captures the face of the traveler at the entrance, then inside the airport, if a traveler is found without a mask, then the picture of that particular individual is sent to the airport authorities to take immediate action.
  • Offices and Organizations– As some organizations are unable to transform their work culture virtually, for those organizations, to maintain the safety standards at the workplace, face mask detection systems are used. The system helps employees to get the remainder of wearing masks and further helps the organization to maintain a safe work environment in the office premises for employees.
  • Hospitals– These face mask detection systems are useful inside the hospitals to monitor whether the staff is properly wearing their masks inside the campus during their shifts. Further, these face mask detection systems can send a reminder to the quarantine people who need to wear a mask. This sends an alert to the people to take care of themselves.

Future Landscape of the Facemask Detection System

With the compulsion of face mask usage for high public safety, the global face mask detection market is predicted to witness remarkable growth in the upcoming future. The market is anticipated to generate a revenue of $3,040.9 million and rise at a CAGR of 10.9% during the estimated timeframe from 2021-2028. In addition, the increasing innovative technologies to detect face mask is expected to create expansive growth opportunities for the growth of the market in the near future.

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The Bottom Line

The growing demand for the usage of face mask detection systems to eliminate the staff at the entrance of retail stores and to smoothen up the detection process of wearing masks among the millennials to prevent the further spread of the virus are the factors expected to surge the growth of the face mask detection market in the near future. Moreover, the emergence of new variants of the Covid-19 virus is going to drive the growth of the market in the upcoming days.

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