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Social media has become a vital marketing tool for any business to maintain a noticeable web presence and boost organic growth. Micro businesses and start-ups aim to reach their target audience and market online business through their limited budget. Social media portals like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help such brands to enhance their social image through their ads. 

Facebook has become one of the irresistible social media marketing platforms for small companies and start-ups to spread their brand name around. It has millions of users and is the most penetrative social media website worldwide. However, it can be difficult for first-time entrepreneurs to know how to use Facebook ads and reach the desired audience effectively.

Here are a few Facebook Ads strategies for 2021 that will help marketers promote their products and services the right way.

Go Chill with the Grammar

Do not stuff your ads with formal words and stop stressing about getting the grammar perfect every time. Relax the language and have fun with it. Facebook is a casual portal, and so you should try to keep the language casual as well. The critical point is to attract attention. 

Opt for Shorter Video Creatives

Keep your video ads lively, crisp and short. Trust us when we say that you do not need to make your ads look like a commercial on TV to reap benefits. A smartphone is enough to shoot a good Facebook ad. The focus should be on the content. A 20-second video with valuable content and looks real and raw will get you far more attention than a 3-minute long video.

Follow the Feed for Your Ad

Layout your ads in such a way that they look organic and real. Style it to match the feed of the demographics of the target audience. Incorporate the other tips mentioned in this article into your ads to make them stand out yet keep that authentic feel.

Natural, Easy-going Pictures 

The pictures that you use should also be natural, raw and casual, just like the videos. Everybody is going after professional photoshoots of products with models and other similar approaches. They tend to look artificial, monotonous and highly-filtered. The audience is far more intelligent. Give them a fresh change by depicting the real and unrefined pictures they can connect to. 

Play with Ad Copy Lengths

Gone are the times when one would stick to a particular number of characters for ad copies to bring in the highest traffic. Test out different lengths and understand what works best for your brand and its customers. Remember to be catchy, fun and upbeat.  

E-commerce marketing can be challenging, especially for newcomers. But you can't afford to miss the opportunities. The online world is growing every day, and brands cannot let go of any possibilities. You never know what works for your brand. So why not get the best creative energy that are masters of this game.  

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