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Facebook seems to have to struggle with an issue with its dark mode feature from iOS and Android after attempting a long period of testing. 

Facebook recently introduced the dark mode feature in iOS and Android after testing the feature for a short period. And it remains unclear that how many people have been affected by this decision. The feature of activating dark theme has become extremely popular over time for developers and users, as iOS and Apple added their system to the dark theme support as well. 

Over the years, there has been a rise in applications utilizing dark mode in their system. But there are still a lot of popular numbers of apps left to opt for the idea of this feature or make it available on both of their platforms. You can take this, for instance, the Snapchat has a feature of enabling dark mode on an iPhone, but lacks the feature support in the Android system. Facebook has constantly tested the feature throughout the year 2020 with users before launching it on a global level. 

Despite the availability, users have been facing problems with Facebook dark mode and taking it to Twitter and other platforms to ensure the issue of Facebook’s dark mode support. As of now, the feature of dark mode has vanished completely from these platforms. According to the reports, it has been indicated that this is creating a problem for both platform iOS and Android users. The dark mode support issue has affected users in several countries, which clears the fact that the problem is not limited to one location. As the reports have constantly over rising in a wide number of users, Facebook has not confirmed the reason behind the disappearance. 

Suspected to be a Facebook update issue

According to the listings of the App Store and Google Play Store, both the iOS and Android Facebook have gotten an update in the last 24 hours. Given the rise in the reports and recently included app updates, it is expected that the updates are the real reason why dark mode support has been removed from the app. There have been some reports on ‘Down Detector’ according to which the indicated problem first developed due to the update in an app. This points out how not just the dark mode has been disappeared, but the entire outlook has been changed back to the previous versions as well. Given the reason that both of the operating systems have been affected by this problem, it does create an impression whether the dark mode support has been purposely removed or was it an accident?

If the problem was somehow related to the app updates, then users on global don’t need to been affected by the removal of the dark theme. For instance, if there are people who have not updated their Facebook app recently, then they might still have access to the dark mode support. 

How to get dark mode support back?

There is only one option that seems to be applicable right now, and that is switching back to the older version of the Facebook app if it is available. Follow the given steps such:

  • Clear the app data and cache: Visit the Settings and click on Apps, then click on Facebook, and lastly select Storage. Now clear the cache and restart the app. If your app is still unable to activate dark mode support, then use an older version. 
  • Install an older version: Download the older version of the Facebook app where the dark mode is still available. 
  • Force Dark Mode: The dark mode can be forced through the developer settings of the device. 

Source :-  https://officecomsetup.directoryecho.com/facebook-dark-mode-vanished-from-android-and-ios-apps-is-it-a-permanent-removal/


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