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Facebook is not just the oldest but also the most popular social media and thus the ultimate choice of the marketers. Due to its advertising capabilities and advanced tools, it makes advertising easier and helps you get the most of your budget. One such tool is Facebook Pixel. Free Facebook Pixel is a tool to understand your audience and their behavior through the signals they are putting on Facebook. With this, you will be able to know what exactly your target audience wants and what should you offer them. However, if you are still wondering how it works so here we are, to tell you all about it.



Creating a Facebook pixel and adding it to your website

  1. Every pixel has a different 15 digit ID, which you have to install on every page you want to track on your site. You can create your pixel from your Facebook Events Manager. Go to the top menu icon and find ‘Pixels’ or it may appear as a main option on the page when you open it.

  2. Add a name to your pixel, enter your website URL, and click on ‘Create’. You can put in this pixel on numerous websites and then you can track those sites individually. Remember that you always use the same code that is linked with your ads account. Make sure that the name of the pixel should represent your business and not a specific campaign.

  3. These are the ways to add the pixel code to your website counting on what website you use:

  • If you work on Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, etc you can install your pixel without editing your website code. Keep following the prompts after you have selected your ‘Website Partner’.

  • If you work with a web developer, press ‘Email Instructions to a Developer’. This will send your developer everything they need to install the pixel.

  • For manually adding the code to your website select that option and copy-paste the pixel code into the header code above the </head> tag, on code above every page on your website.

  • Then choose ‘automatic advanced matching’ if you want to. This will use the information your customers already provide to your business and match your website’s visitors to people who are on Facebook. This will help you credit more conversions to your ads on Facebook and reach more people via remarketing.

  • Check if you’ve installed the code correctly. For this, enter your website URL and click ‘Send Test Traffic’.

  • Once the activity tracking starts, click ‘Continue’.

  1. Now with the ‘Event Setup Tool’ select the standard events you’d like to track without using additional code. For each event, you need to decide if you want to track on page load or on online action. In case you want to use Facebook pixel custom events, go to ‘Facebook Events Manager’ and press ‘Custom Conversions’ from the top left menu. After that, click on ‘Create Custom Conversion’ to define your custom conversion event using URL rules.

  2. Once you have set your Facebook pixels to work, you’ll have to check on them. You can do this with Facebook Pixel Helper or the Pixel section in Business Manager.

  3. In order to follow Facebook’s terms, you need to put a pixel notice to your website. You will have to let people visiting your website know that you’re collecting their data through cookies or other methods. Users will also have the option to opt-out of having their data collected.

  4. After setting your pixel code, it’s important to schedule regular pixel auditing so that your unique pixel is not being used by anyone else. This can lead to retargeting the wrong audience and therefore wasting your money.

Source  :- https://lilymartinblogexpert.wordpress.com/2020/06/19/facebook-pixel-revenue-tips-for-2020/

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