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Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms across the globe. Around 3 billion users are of Facebook with highest exposure and maximum user activity. Facebook is the platform with constant update in feature, user- friendly platform. It is one of the most versatile social media platform, with its joint access with other social media platform like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. when Facebook was launched in 2004, the use was to socially with several people across the globe but as of now in this digital era Facebook marketplace, its feature that can be opened with most basic of navigation, leads towards an e-commerce exploration, advertising and interactive space where buyers can meet seller and engage in business activities.   

Facebook search function help in such a way that you can type in the keywords regarding your desired product and you can the find a plenty of search result at a place. Facebook group is also a popular feature, here the group can be unofficial or it can be regarding business or work. The business group in Facebook has helped a lot of small vendors who are trying to sell their product, create awareness about the product and connecting with many new users. This has helped them to grow their business in very short period of time. All you need to add yourself or your business in several other groups and connect with such community of your interests and likes. This will help you interact with many people, new businesses, existing one and also, they can be expressive about their feedback for your product or business. So, learning Digital Marketing Institute in Pune you can easily learn new skills of Facebook.   

Facebook live is another feature where you can tell the world your current status about your business, you can go live at the time of exhibition, launch of any new product, events and even in closed room. This feature is largely used by celebrities or influencers for brand endorsement, sponsorship where the product or brand can be showcased and then there might be an interactive session with audience. The interactive session can make a huge impact to grow the brand or product as audience feedback, comment is generated.  

Facebook advertising is another digital marketing tools which is used massively by many brands to grow their business. These ads can drive audience attention when they scroll through their feed. Many brands spend huge amounts on Facebook advertisement because Facebook advertisement can make a huge difference when you want likes, views, customer attention and to grow a business. To place an advertisement, brand has to focus on demographics like age, gender and group. Target specific audience make every worth of advertisement worth it and here the ad can be cost effective. Due to Facebook such features there is increase in brand awareness, brand visibility, exposures and business growth.  

Still Facebook is growing in every aspect of advertisement and customer engagement; the coming digital era will be still huge as compared to current year as there can be more reach in wide audience, there can be variety of ad formants, competitor targeting will more specified and still is.  

To wrap-up, Facebook has a has a huge advantage when it comes to promoting your business or product, combine with several digital tools which many businesses are using to grow their product or brand, wide exposure and great source of audience interaction.  

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