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Facts have proved that “World of Warcraft Classic” is a success for the developer Blizzard, so the company naturally hopes to continue this by introducing the first expanded “classic” version of Wow gold classic the game in “World of Warcraft”: “Burning Crusade Classic” One forward momentum. Some players may like the original version of the game so much that they don't want to continue with “Burning Crusade”, while Blizzard provides an option for players who want their characters to stay in the regular “World of Warcraft” classic version.

The existing “World of Warcraft” classic server will be automatically converted into the “Burning Crusade” table, and provide new races, class updates and brand new areas of “World of Warcraft” for exploration. Players do not need to enter the dark gate and enter the broken The world outside the world, if they don't want to. Blizzard said that whether it is to retain the current “World of Warcraft Classic” form forever or future development, Blizzard said that the decisions made by players will be permanent, although technically speaking, players who want to eat cake can also choose .

For those who have spent hundreds of hours buying the best equipment and items in the classic World of Warcraft game, this is a difficult decision, and this is just to make new expansions and make most of them. The hard-earned loot is outdated. For those who wish to stay in the “vanilla” World of Warcraft and stay in Azeroth, this is the known information about the launch of the Burning Crusade and the choices players have.

How to stay in WoW's classic era server during the Burning Crusade

How does the Warcraft Burning Crusade not proceed

According to Blizzard, when the “Burning Crusade Classic” pre-patch arrives on an undetermined date, players will be able to determine the future of their character. Once this happens, players will find two different clients for “World of Warcraft”: one for the original version of the game, which contains the “Classic Age” server, and the other for the “Burning Crusade” classic, which contains ” Progress” server. All characters of a given player will appear in both clients. However, logging into a character on a given client will ask the player if they want to “activate” the character on a specific version of the game. If the player activates a character on the “Burning Crusade Classic” game client, the character will not be playable on the original “World of Warcraft” classic client (and vice versa).

The good news is that players don’t have to make a decision immediately the day before the game. This option will exist until a choice is made (or probably until another extension is released a few years later). Technically speaking, players can indeed eliminate all difficulties from the decision-making, or they can choose two options: When the pre-patch is released, Blizzard will make a virtual “snapshot” of each character in the game, including all the characters’ equipment, Gold and items. After paying, players will be able to “clone” their character snapshots. The original version of the character can continue to use the “Burning Crusade Classic”, and the cloned version can remain in the original “World of Warcraft” classic, and retain all the gold coins and items as a snapshot of the day before the patch. However, although Blizzard has not yet revealed the price, the clone will cost real world money.

It sounds complicated, but in fact, it is quite simple. In order not to perform “World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic”, players only need to select the characters to be upgraded and the characters that are not needed, and then log in to the corresponding client. Please keep in mind that the clone will only contain the gold coins, equipment and items that exist on the character on the day of the pre-patch. Therefore, if the player continues to play the original “World of Warcraft” classic game after the pre-patch, no progress will be made. Keep the cloned role.

In the long run, it remains to be seen to run two different versions of World of Warcraft Classic. But for those who want to stay in Azeroth and never step into Outland, Blizzard seems to buy classic gold have proposed a solution that should satisfy most players.


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