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In the digital era, original and fake emerged as the most used words in daily life. We know how much attention fake news, posts, and people are getting while the real and important news and important things will never find a suitable platform or voice. Keeping this in mind, some talented university people have created a solution to detect mischievous elements which create a problematic situation for genuine persons.

Most of the photos and videos shared on social media are edited. Sometimes someone is targeted with a photo and video by editing, and sometimes people share photos by editing them in jest. There is also a big problem that some uninvited guests are also attending the Virtual Meeting. It is difficult to catch such people, but now IIT Ropar, Punjab, and Monash University Australia have introduced a detector to nab people who have been doing this, the app came up with the name (FakeBuster).

This FakeBuster will easily recognize the manipulated face on social media. In addition, FakeBuster is also able to easily identify uninvited guests and fake people at virtual meetings. At present, FakeBuster is going to be a big tool during work from home.

This technology will help identify spoofs (edited videos or faces) attending online conferences or seminars. FakeBuster will identify someone else who will attend a meeting instead of others. This device can be attached to a laptop or desktop. This tool will also help in identifying fake news.

A paper titled “FakeBuster: A Deepfake Detection Tool for Video Conferencing Sanorio” was presented at the 26th International Conference on Intelligent User Interface held in the US last month. During the presentation, it was informed that the software had been tested on Zoom and Skype in which it has been successful. The important thing is that this tool works both offline and online.

Dr. Abhinav Dhal, a key member of the team that prepared the FakeBuster, said that in the age of Artificial Intelligence, a photo and video are being edited in such a way that it is becoming difficult to identify real and fake. In such a case, the tool gives 90% accurate results. The other three members of the team that prepared the FakeBuster are Associate Professor Ramanathan Subramanian and two students, Vineet Mehta and Parul Gupta.

Deepfake detection tool ‘fake-buster’ works both online and offline. It can currently be used in laptops and desktops. Regarding this, Associate Professor Subramanian says, “Our aim is to keep the network small and light so that it can be used on mobile phones and other devices.” He said that his team is also working on the device to capture fake audio at this time. The team claims that the ‘fake-buster’ software is the first tool that captures fraud during live video conferencing using Deep Fake detection technology. This device has been tested and will be launched in the market soon.

Let’s hope this useful invention can help the netizens and detect the fake world of the internet efficiently. The technological world is development based which can be good or bad, the bad elements always draw something new to create a new problem for the genuine people who are getting benefited in this tough time of corona, fake calls, messages are making the situation worse for people who are dealing with the pandemic, this app will surely find the culprits, and if the system penalizes them strongly, it will give a message to the society that their privacy and money is not on stake.

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Source :- https://computersoftware410578901.wordpress.com/2021/05/26/fakebuster-the-app-which-can-detect-fake-videos-and-photos/


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