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Vendor Spotlight: Howling Mouse Games

“You ever seen a grasshopper mouse?” Franziska asks me-I haven’t. “Yeah, look on YouTube, grasshopper mouse, it’s also called a ‘howling mouse.’ So when it makes a kill, it makes this howling noise like a wolf. It’s the cutest thing ever.” Before you go looking it up for yourself I saved you the trouble. Here’s a quick link to a video clip if you’re intrigued.

This is how my interview with Franziska Stewart started, co-owner of HOWLING MOUSE GAMES at Fanboys Marketplace. She, with her husband Rob, started Howling Mouse after realizing there wasn’t a good board game store in Fort Worth. To find a really good board game store she said, “you’d have to drive almost to Grapevine. That was the closest one… There’s another one in Dallas about an hour and half, two hours away.” So, without there being anything in Fort Worth she and her husband decided to start one up through Fanboys. “We only had like, 50 games to start with. We had this tiny little bookshelf and over the years it’s grown to what we have today.”

“What they have today” is an entire corner of the store at the Fort Worth location. Once you enter the store-at the far left-you’ll spot Howling Mouse Games. Franziska says she tries to curate a diverse selection of games that include games for pre-school kids all the way up to adults, so there’s something for everyone.


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