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Fandrum- A Platform for Fan Interaction, Insight and Engagement

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The idea of an entertainment platform is to reach out to a large number of people who want to create and share their own entertainment. This is an old idea that has been around for a while but has never really worked. These platforms work as a communication bridge between the celebrities and their fans, but it is very apparent that the entertainment industry is biased in favor of celebrities. It is biased both in that it supports one-sided communication (of the celebrities), and it pays little or no heed to the fan side of the communication.

This article is an attempt to showcase how entertainment platforms have been biased all this time, how they have been supporting only one side of the communication, ignoring the interest of the fans. Fandrum as an entertainment-based platform seeks to change this and bring fans to the forefront.

What has been wrong all this time?

The fans all the time have been ignored and not paid much heed to, by any of the entertainment-based platforms. Fans whole life to the celebrity. Many would argue that through various social media platforms fans can talk to their favorite celebrities. But it seems that they are biased as they support only one side of communication that is of the celebrities. Many young fans have no chance to meet with their favorite celebrity even if they have tried hard enough to do so, maybe because they don't believe young fans are important enough for the celebrities to be bothered with them. 

The bias against fans manifests itself most obviously in the reluctance to let them communicate directly with each other. Fans who want to talk to each other must make do with the slow, clumsy, and commercialized medium of the comment section.

The bias against fans is even more apparent in the way that entertainment platforms treat their messaging from fans. Suppose a celebrity tweets something that is not flattering for a fan. The fan might want to reply, but of course there is no reply button on any of these sites.

How does Fandrum seek to change this?

Fandrum is a platform for celebrities and fans to interact, with the purpose of creating an experience that will bridge the gap between the two parties. Celebrities will be able to connect with their fans, improve their brand image, promote themselves and create more opportunities by using Fandrum while fans will be able to get exclusive content, communicate directly with their idols, get access to exclusive events and gain greater access to the celebrity world.

The idea is to create a platform for a two way communication between fans and celebrities. Celebrities can directly interact with fans, tell them about their projects, upcoming events and do giveaways. This will also help them stay in touch with their fanbase and see what they're looking for, which could further be used to develop their career. It will be a great source of engagement for both parties. Fans will engage more with stars they look up to, helping them to take some of that social media attention off Facebook and Twitter. They will seek more personal interactions with them and the stars will benefit from it as well, as it will help them connect better with their audience.

A Transparent Relationship

Fandrum is an entertainment platform where celebrities and fans can have a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship. Celebrities create free channels to share their lives and fans are able to get closer to their idols by interacting directly with them.

Direct Communication Channel

Fandrum provides an environment for celebrities to express themselves freely and for fans to interact with them directly, even having the ability to contribute in such a way that the idols will pay attention to them.

Wholesome Communication

There are lots of portals and websites that offer entertainment news and information on celebrities. But often the content on the site is the same between websites. Fandrum aims to fill in this gap by offering a place where fans can have their say and have a two-way communication with their favorite celebrities.

A Platform for Fans

Fans can express their opinions on different topics ranging from music, films to sports, food and more. Celebrities will be able to respond to these comments and create a more personal connection with the fans. The platform will include many features such as photo uploads, videos, blogs, fan clubs etc.

Variations in content

The content would vary from artist to artist, depending on what they have to offer their fans or what the fans are interested in. It could be anything from interviews and Q&A's to polls and giveaways.


Fans on the platform can be open about anything they want as long as it is not illegal or offensive (pornography, drugs, etc). They can share personal moments, hobbies, interests and lives with their favorite stars and other fans as well..


Users of Fandrum will have the ability to follow channels that are similar to those they like or in different categories. For example, if someone is interested in comedy programs they will be able to find comedy channels of different languages or if they just want something funny on a specific day they will be able to gain access easily.

This is also a great place for celebrities to be. It gives them a way to communicate with their fans without having to deal with the downside of the usual media: no more “”access”” journalism, no more pretending to be surprised at things already leaked by the publicists, no more worrying that they might be saying something controversial that could get them into trouble. They can just post messages and know that everyone who wants to hear from them will hear from them.


Fandrum has recognized the growing demand of social media platforms and entertainment sites to provide an interactive platform for celebrities and fans. Fandrum provides an intuitive platform for both parties, which will enable them to form new connections.

With fandrum, fans can enjoy a more active role in their celebrity's life due to the platform's exclusive access to stars and the ability to message them directly. Celebrities will also enjoy direct access to their fans and the ability to create various content that is not constrained by mainstream media. 

With this in mind, fandrum aims to bring celebrities and fans closer together by providing an interactive environment that allows both parties to communicate with one another. Unlike other social media platforms, fandrum will be a safe haven for celebrities and fans alike.


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