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Fandrum: A Radical New Way For Celebs & Their Fans To Connect

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There are many different types of fans but the most important thing to know about a superfan is that they're passionate about what their favorite superstars do. A superfan will stand in line for hours or days just to be one of the first people to see a movie, or maybe you'll see them dressed up like their favorite character from superhero comic books or fantasy stories, or getting tattoos of logos to show their love and loyalty. These people will often follow their star celebrity on social media and spend thousands on merchandise such as tickets, posters, clothing and special items the true fan can't live without.


Till now there are hardly any platforms available where people can express themselves and connect with other like minded people. There are many social media websites but those are mostly about yourself and don't cater to the fandom of any particular person. Fandrum has an AI-based technology which processes and determines the Fan Value.


Fandrum has built an online community for people who are die hard fans of their favorite celebrities and leave no stones unturned in doing anything and everything to be a part of their life.


Moreover, Fandrum comes with a fan value calculator. Fan value is a measurement of how valuable a fan is, that measurement represents a combination of factors, including fan's location and behavior on the platform. Fandrum quantifies this using Artificial Intelligence technology to determine how much value a fan holds.

Fans are indicated with that specific value on Fandrum along with their ranking among similar people in their region/country or even globally. This ranking helps them to get connected to people having similar interests as them and also helps in expanding their circle of friends or building a new family.


Passionate fans can find other fans nearby them on Fandrum through which they can share their opinions, thoughts and exchange ideas directly without any third party interference.


Fandrum enables users to follow their favorite brands and easily share any updates, content that they like, as well as get rewarded for creating quality content by sharing them with other users and communities. It is a platform where you can directly connect to your favorite celebrities, daily soap actors and other famous people. Through this app, you can get your questions answered instantly. And what's more? You are also able to make friends with the people you admire most.


Fandrum provides a medium for modern online communication. No one will miss another important message because their push notifications are so efficient. Team Fandrum knows how much fans love seeing new posts from their favorite celebrities and that's why they have brought those celebrities to their fans faster than every other platform.


By now, you must have realized that Fandrum is so much more than just a place for news and updates. Fandrum possesses endless possibilities within their platform and app- from live chats to giveaways and contests- there is always something going on!


Their website as well as the app has a news feed that updates in real time- meaning you can see what's happening outside of the app as well. It's free, fun, easy to use, and has everything you need inside.


Another aim of creating Fandrum was to ease out the process of engagement of like-minded people. Fandrum is the easiest way to keep up with comments, questions and posts from your fans on all Social Media platforms.


Fandrum application comes with a variety of features. A few of them are listed below:


Get the best recommendations through Fandrum’s AI Based Recommendation Engine.

Get the best content about your favorite TV shows or movies and share the same.

Make communities and groups with people having similar interests.

Find out what your favorite stars are posting on their profiles.

Earn rewards for being a fan. Yes it's true! On Fandrum you are celebrated for being a fan.

Create and post fan arts.


Fandrum also has apps for iOS and Android devices, thereby making it easy for its users to access Fandrum on the go. The features that make Fandrum different from other social media platforms include –


All in one place!

Fandrum users get access to the content according to their choices. The following factors are usually considered while displaying content to them:

Relevance: What does the fan care about? What does their profile say about them? If you post about a new product or service you're offering, but none of the fans are interested in those things, they probably won't see it.

Language: This feature will display the content to the users in their preferable languages.

Genres: People can jump to the content they are interested in by simply choosing the genre of their preference.


Fandrum is a unique experience that brings together the shows and actors you like and gives you a place to share your own views with other fans. I believe there is still room for improvement, but overall, it’s an incredible platform that allows you to live in a world of your favorite characters and TV shows like no other place does.

Fandrum is a cool platform that can make your favorite TV shows or movies even more exciting. It’s a fun place where you can become part of the biggest community, discuss with other fans and get to know new people who share the same interests as you. Fandrum is also available on mobile devices, so you don’t have to miss any updates of your shows and stars!


Fandrum is a great concept that is being brought to life fully through its unique design, really friendly and useful interface, as well as an easy way to play and download your favorite videos.


If you are passionate about TV shows, movies or actors in general, this app is a must have. Fandrum really has the potential to bring the experience of watching shows and movies to a whole new level.


Website Link- https-//connect.cryptomize.com/fandrum

App Link- https-//connect.cryptomize.com/fandrum-app

Video- https-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIbiE3ghAQ4


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