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Fandrum: A Safe and Honest Social Platform For Fans

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Before diving deep into this article, let me explain to you who the actual superfans are. Superfans are definitely like superheroes. They have an extreme passion for whatever they're interested and invested in, whether it be how to save the galaxy, how to help the community or how to make loads of money! These people will stand in line overnight if they want a movie ticket or they want new products. True fans would even risk losing friendships and their jobs just to get what they want. Superfans will also be very active on your social media accounts and are a big help when it comes to boosting your brand as well since these people would love talking about anything that's related to their stars or their brands.

When you worship a celebrity or a brand and try to admire and adopt their achievements for the purpose of improving your own lifestyle, then being a superfan or a die hard fan has a powerful and positive influence on your mental health.

Not all fans are created equal. Some are passionate, some are die-hard, some are just casual followers. There is even a type of fan that doesn't particularly care for something but simply likes being associated with it for his own personal gain. But what we're talking about here is the superfan–the obsessed fan who goes above and beyond any typical recognition to support their obsession.

Superfans have always existed, from Elvis' “Elvis Army” to Beatlemania to the Beatles themselves. You can see them today at conferences, conventions and other events where celebrities and entertainers gather with their biggest fans (like music festivals & comic cons)—and not just stars you know either but also lesser known personalities like musicians, actors and authors.

The term “superfan” gets thrown around a lot, but what makes someone a superfan? What is it exactly that they do?

Superfans are the people who know everything there is to know about their favorite celebrity. They've made it clear that they care about the celebrity and are willing to do anything and everything to support him or her.

Superfans Deserve More!

In this era of fame and stardom, people madly follow and admire their favorite stars, but often forget what value they hold in their star’s life. Fans are just as important as celebrities.

But they are unaware of their power.

Fans are the most valuable asset for any celebrity or an influencer. It is because of them that they thrive, grow, and are able to move forward through tough times.

Fans are not just the crazy people who scream and shout in front of a stage. They are the people who go beyond just liking what their superstars do — they feel as if they know them personally. They want to learn everything there is to know about them and their personal lives, and they will gladly go out of their way to do so.

The number of fans that a celebrity has is not just determined by how famous he or she is but also by how much he or she gives back to the public. Fans have always existed since the beginning of time because people enjoy being part of something special, especially if it makes them feel special themselves.

A fan won’t buy your product simply because it’s “cool” but rather because there’s some connection with you that makes him or her think that it could help them in some way.

People invest countless hours of their lives in the TV shows, movies, and actors they love. There are thousands of platforms where people are engaged in sharing content, ideas and reviews and post comments about the latest trends in the entertainment industry. Some prefer websites where they can get the latest updates about the lives of their favorite celebrities, while others prefer websites from where they can book movie tickets and get access to teasers and trailers of their favorite movies or shows. It's all about their preferences.

Fandrum – The Platform Which Unites!

With the rise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, the target to create a perfect platform for superfans is now achievable. There is a new platform in the market called Fandrum. It is the first ever made in India global technology AI platform for fans which helps them connect deeply with their favorite stars and movies as it is specially designed for bollywood, hollywood and regional fans.

Fandrum provides a space for all like-minded people and communities so that they can share their feelings and thoughts with others without worrying about how others perceive them, thereby making it a non-discriminatory platform. It comes with an AI powered Recommendation Engine which creates and curates content based on user’s choices and preferences. This is done by analyzing and categorizing the user's past likes and dislikes using AI.


Superfans exist in almost every industry. These are the fans that spend time reading all your blog posts and tweeting you back, or even posting and reposting your content on different social media platforms. They go the extra mile so they can be involved in everything that their stars have to offer.

But not only superfans will pledge their allegiance, loyal followers will too. If Superfans get excited about something and want to share it, who knows how far it might spread? That's the power they hold and the majority of them are not even aware of this. So it is important to always keep those superfans happy!

Fandrum is a platform for fans, celebrities and brands bringing them closer together. Fandrum offers you an ultimate fan experience by connecting you with your favorite celebs and brands. You will be able to share your photos, videos and stories on Fandrum and see what others are uploading as well.

Website Link: https://connect.cryptomize.com/fandrum

App Link: https://connect.cryptomize.com/fandrum-app

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIbiE3ghAQ4


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