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Just as the Internet and social media have made it possible for us to know more celebrities than ever before, it has also given us unprecedented access to their lives. When we look at a picture of a celebrity, we can now look in the comments and see what people who care about that celebrity are saying. It is amazing how much effort some fans put into their obsession. But there are limits. For many people social media has become an integral part of their lives to the point where multiple times per day they check on status updates, news stories, videos, forums, photos and anything else that engages them. Fans are not just dedicating their time; they want the object of their obsession to be aware of their dedication. They want the celebrity to see them.

This article is an attempt to put the idea to the forefront that fans need to be awarded for their loyalty and time that they spend on their favorite celebrity.

Conventional Ways in which Fan Communities Operate

Fan Communities are a cultural phenomenon that exists worldwide and has since the early 20th century. Fan groups are formed by a common interest in celebrities or fictional characters. The focus is on the loves, lives, gossip and scandals of their favorite personalities. These fans will often write fanfiction about their idols, buy merchandise and go to conventions for the purpose of meeting their idols.

A Fan community is a strange thing. It is a commercial relationship between famous people and their fans, which is not supposed to be business-like. Most viewers like to think of the relationship as closer and more personal than it actually is. Fans do not watch television shows or movies in order to be entertained. They watch them in order to engage and stay in contact with their favorite actors and actresses.

Under the conventional system, when a celebrity posts something on a social media platform, fans are forced to blindly follow orders and “like” or “thumbs up” the posts. This has been the trend for many years, where the celebrity has the advantage to be the only one who controls their image and fans cannot express opinions.

A Fan community is classically organized as a pyramid scheme; at the top are celebrities, and below them are layers of fans. As in any pyramid scheme, the ones who make out best are those at the top. The famous people make money from their fame, and they also get attention (and therefore pleasure) from everyone beneath them.

Fans are not celebrated for their loyalty. They are brushed aside as jerks or not. celebrated for their outrageous behavior. Fan loyalty is rarely fully appreciated just how valuable it is and how rare. Celebrities/ Shows/ Movies forget that all they have and are, is because the fans and fan communities do not appreciate their fans enough.

Fandrum- Rewarding Fans With Experiences

The relationship between fans and the celebrities has always been lopsided. The fans devote their time and energy to a piece of art, but the creators rarely reciprocate. They may not even acknowledge the existence of the fans at all. Fandrum is based on a different kind of relationship: the relationship between fans and their favorite brands. Fandrum is built on the belief that this relationship should be more mutually beneficial; that fans, like friends and followers, should benefit from their engagement with celebrities. This type of relationship has been missing from the digital world in general and social networks in particular. But money has always been involved in it – money the brand spends to persuade fans to pay attention to them; money that could have gone into making better content; money that could have been spent on rewarding fans with experiences they couldn't get anywhere else.

With Fandrum that changes. Now celebrities will have an opportunity to reward their most loyal fans directly with exclusive access they would not otherwise get. And these rewards won't be just one-off prizes thrown at random – they will be tailored specifically to each fan's preferences, interests and location. We want to make all celebrities accessible to their fans by organizing exclusive celebrity date nights, meet & greet events, parties etc.

Fandrum is very simple in its concept, as it offers a lot of rewards thanking fans for their loyalty towards their favorite shows and stars. It works on the basis of creating links between the two parties so that fans can use this platform to show their gratitude and put forward suggestions for improvement in their favorite television shows.

  1. Meet your Favorite celebrity for Lunch or a dinner date

Fandrum is a new entertainment platform that connects celebrities with fans in ways never seen before. Instead of limiting the interaction between fans and celebrities to chance encounters on the red carpet, Fandrum allows them to connect over lunch or a date night. It's a new way for celebrities to interact with their fans, and as a part of its reward system, Fandrum helps get fans closer to the celebrities they love.

2. Visit Film or show sets

Fandrum is the first fully functional entertainment platform that allows fans to visit film sets and other locations where their favorite movies, TV shows, music videos and commercials have been recorded. The platform has a unique reward system that allows users to get involved in the process of filming, and even visit film/show sets all over the world without spending a penny. This is why we call it Fandrum – it's fun for everyone! A fan will see behind-the-scenes footage such as film crews preparing for a scene, planning shots on a storyboard, testing props and special effects before they shoot and much more.

3. Win tickets to your favorite shows

Fandrum allows fans to win tickets to their favorite shows. The first thing that makes Fandrum unique is the variety of shows you can win tickets to. Fans can win tickets to their favorite shows by simply entering into quizzes and winning rewards. This way Fandrum app provides fans experiences that no other platform provides.


The intuition was to offer an experience that would help the passionate to connect with their artist. It had to be something important and not available at the market. These principles became the foundation of our company platform. The idea was to offer fans something that money couldn't buy: an experience that would create an emotional connection between them and the star.

Fandrum helps celebrities provide exclusive experiences to fans. It does this by creating digital content that gets fans talking about the celebrity, creating a very positive image for them. Thus , the platform is structured in a way to give the users a unique experience. Fans can take part in contests, win prizes and get a chance to meet their favorite celebrities.

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